4 Top Upgrades when Building a Pool

If you are considering building a pool, then you definitely want to consider these options which will enhance the look of your pool as well as lower the maintenance.

To add these features don’t cost as much as you think. In fact, it’s much less expensive to include them during the construction of your pool than after the fact.

Why have a boring swimming pool when you can have a fabulous backyard living space that will bring years of enjoying which will enhance your swimming experience but also increases your home’s resale value. From LED lighting to salt water chlorination, you can add a few things here and there to improve your pool without breaking the bank.

Turn your new swimming pool from Functional to Fabulous!

LED Lighting1. LED Lighting

A single pool light does nothing to enhance nighttime swimming. Consider upgrading to multicolored LED lighting for a modern, colorful alternative to white lights. LED lighting provides the option to colorize the water with bright and vibrant colors.

If you have older lights on your pool, it’s definitely time to upgrade. The old fiber optic lights are probably losing their color and vibrancy. The newer LED lights will also use less energy and help you cut costs on your electric bills.

Read more about LED lighting installation in your swimming pool.

2. Water Features

The sight and sound of water creates a relaxing atmosphere and a sense of tranquility. There are four main types of water features.

  • A pool fountain breathes life into a pool and creates luxurious appeal for a reasonable price.
  • Sprayers and similar water features install without much hassle on most any pool design, and they add extra motion and sound for a lively swimming experience.
  • Pool rock waterfalls add a unique luxury to the pool We realize this list was supposed to give you cost effective ways to enhance your swimming pool, but pool waterfalls are just so elegant, we thought we would throw it in.

Here is more information about what type of water feature is best for your pool

3. Salt Water Chlorination

Salt water chlorination may not sound exciting, but you’ll wish that you had it at the time of your new pool build. Salt water is easier on your eyes and doesn’t make your hair and swimsuit smell like chlorine. You also don’t have to keep going to the store to buy chlorine and add it to your pool. Furthermore, salt water chlorination saves you money and reduces your maintenance chores.

4. Pool Pumps and Filters

Would you like to reduce your pool cleaning responsibilities even more? Have you considered upgrading your pool filter system? In the last few years, the filters have improved their efficiency which results in lower monthly costs. WHISPERFLO uses innovative hydraulic engineering to move water for efficiently and quietly than all the other pool pumps combined.

Additionally, pool filters have embraced new technology to trap the maximum about of solids leaving only crystal clear water to enjoy! We proudly carry Pentair filters which adhere to the highest quality control standards.

Tips on selecting a new pool filter

These pool upgrades don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. With colorful LED lighting and an automated system, you can stick within your budget and upgrade your pool with something new, useful and fun.

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