What You Should Know about Patio Enclosures

Adding a patio enclosure lets you enjoy outdoor living no matter what the weather is like. Read about patio enclosure ideas in Vero Beach, FL. These 3 tips will help you be better prepared to begin your project.

What’s Your Budget?

While a patio enclosure isn’t the most expensive home project you can undertake, it’s important to figure out your budget before you set a consultation appointment. You’ll discuss budget with the consultant so they can help design something affordable for you. Costs for custom patio enclosures in Vero Beach, FL, depend on several factors. Size is one of the main things that determine cost. The bigger the enclosure, the higher the price. With the wide range of design options for patio enclosures, price also depends on what type of enclosure you’re hoping to install. Roof styles, one vs. two floor construction, and the complexity of the design also dictate price. Even if you think you have a small budget and won’t be able to afford your dream patio enclosure, let the consultant tailor a design to fit your budget. It’s possible that with a bit of scaling down, you can have a custom enclosure made for a cost you can afford.

Choose Your Contractor Carefully

Just as in any other trade, not all custom patio enclosure contractors are the same. It’s essential that you choose a contractor who you can trust to complete your project professionally and to your expectations. This is why a consultation is the second step you should take after deciding on your budget. During a consultation, you have opportunities to get to know the company you’re considering to do work for you. Being prepared with a list of questions will help you determine if this is the company you want to hire. For example, ask how many years the company has been in business. Ask to see their portfolio and a list of customers who can provide review of their completed projects. Have a discussion about whether a guarantee if offered to protect you against defective materials and poor workmanship. Make sure you understand the payment structure for your project. Also, it’s absolutely necessary to be guaranteed that anyone who works at your home is covered by workman’s compensation insurance. You don’t want to be held liable if a worker is injured while on your property. After the consultation, if you’re confident that this is the contractor or company for you, then it’s time to get started with the project.

Ready. Set. Go.

You’ve determined your budget and hired a contractor who has an excellent reputation for installing patio screen enclosures in Vero Beach, FL. You have a few more things to understand about the building process before the project gets started. What about permits? If you need one, has it been secured? Some city building codes don’t allow a homeowner to secure permits so you want to make sure your contractor has taken care of that if necessary. Are you prepared for weather to interfere with the project? Weather in Florida can be a bit fickle and most likely if it rains or becomes too windy, work will need to wait for calmer weather.