What is the difference between a suction cleaner, pressure cleaner, and robotic cleaner?

Suction Automatic Pool Cleaners
Suction Automatic Pool cleaners are the more popular of the automatic pool cleaners. They are the least work and the most reliable of the types of cleaners. The cleaners work off the existing suction of your swimming pool pump, and can easily be plugged into your skimmer or designated cleaner line. The main purpose of the suction cleaners is to clean the bottom of your swimming pool. Some cleaners advertise that they will help clean the sides of the walls, but we have found in most cases that they clean mostly on the bottom of the swimming pool.
Pressure Automatic Pool Cleaners
Pressure Cleaners use the pressure of the water to help propel them around the swimming pool. They have become more and more popular thanks to Polaris. However, the pressure cleaners require their own booster pump and also need their debris bags cleaned and changed. The cleaners seem to behave just as well as the suction cleaners and clean mainly the bottom of your swimming pool. We recommend the Hayward Phantom. It is the most reliable pressure cleaner today.

Robotic Cleaners
These automatic pool cleaners are the best of the types of cleaners. The best selling point for the robotic cleaners is the fact that they clean the entire swimming pool including the side walls. The self contained units will climb up your above ground pool to clean most all debris. The only down side of this cleaner is the fact that you have to change the debris bag. This however is much quicker than you cleaning the sides of your swimming pool. The Aquabot and the Dolphin are the more popular of the robotic cleaners.