3 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Fireplace Seat Wall

A fireplace seat wall is a favorite spot for relaxing, and it’s the center of warm conversations when you entertain. An outdoor fireplace stands as a beacon to living well in the backyard, but it doesn’t have to stand alone. If you’re pulling up lawn chairs to enjoy the glow, consider a permanent alternative. A fireplace seat wall makes everyone feel at home, and it’s a beautiful addition to the landscape. Here are 3 benefits for a fireplace seat wall that will transform your backyard and add value to your home.

  1. Extended Design –Everyone feels drawn to the flickering flames in an outdoor fireplace, but sitting on a small hearth quickly becomes a heated experience. A seat wall design widens that space to several comfortable feet. By adding length to the additional width, you create extra seating on both sides of the fireplace. You don’t have to think in straight lines to extend the hearth. Fireplace seating built with stone pavers can wrap around a patio with graceful curves to create a semi-circle. It can snake around planted areas and even include a backrest. A wide variety of paver sizes, shapes and colors offers unlimited design options.
  2. Solid Construction –An outdoor fireplace seating installation doesn’t uproot the landscape or call for major excavation. After laying out the area, your paver contractor prepares an appropriate base that supports stone paver construction on an existing concrete or lawn surface. An experienced paver installer determines any need for drainage and then builds in layers secured with stonework construction adhesive. Special attention is given to the details that make this type of bench seating so attractive. Alternating paver sizes, mixing colors and adding custom insets are just a few decorative options, and comfortable capstones top off the finished construction.
  3. Surprising Benefits –Installing an attractive fireplace seat wall widens your entertaining horizons with surprising benefits. If central Florida downpours tend to flood the backyard, a quality stone paver seat wall controls and redirects runoff. The material holds on to its natural good looks for years with weather-proof durability. A well-designed seat wall establishes a sense of space that encloses without shutting out the view. When neighbors drop by, everyone has a place to sit, and you enjoy extra seclusion when you have the fireplace all to yourself. Stone paver seat walls turn the outside into an outdoor room that complements its surroundings while providing you with a private retreat.

Every backyard is unique, but every outdoor fireplace becomes even more inviting with a professionally designed seat wall. Also, seat walls can be used without a fireplace.  If you are always entertaining and need additional seating, seat walls are ideal to keep everyone together in one area.  If you’d like more information about this affordable combination of style and function, contact American Outdoor Living at 407-847-9322.

Let us show you the power of pavers with our 3-D modeling services and help you customize an outdoor fireplace seating plan that fits your landscape and lifestyle.