4 Ways to Cut the Cost of Building a Pool

You’ve dreamed of building a pool in your backyard for years now.  The only thing that stopping you is that you think it will cost too much.  We are here to tell you…. Not really…. There are ways to cut the cost of building a pool.

Of course, your new swimming pool needs to be something you can be proud of as you spend countless hours entertaining family and friends. The reality is the cost to build a pool varies so much and there is a lot you can do (or not do) to help lower the cost of building a pool .

4 Ways to Save Money when Building a Pool

Here is our list to help you save money when building a swimming pool you can be proud of.

Tip: Building a pool is an expensive but worthy investment if you’re in it for the long haul. Save money by thinking small and adding what you want later.

1. Bigger is not always better.

When you want to cut down on your inground pool cost, go for something smaller. It makes sense to build a smaller pool if you want to save money. After all, it costs more for the pipes, the filters and the other items as you increase your pool size. Keep this in mind: If you’re building the pool for your kids, they would rather have a small pool than no pool at all. Also, certain pool shapes cost less to build than others. The bottom line is be open to these suggestions and make your decision wisely.

2. Plan your location carefully.

In general, locating the pool closer to your house can reduce your overall energy and water costs. By building your pool farther out in the yard, you create unnecessary space in between your home and the pool. Therefore, you’ll have to increase your spending for decking, pool pavers and other construction projects. Having your pool close to your house not only reduces your initial costs but also creates an inviting space.

3. Features? Who needs features?

A fountain sure would make your pool look nice. Skip it. A slide would make your pool even more enjoyable. Forget about it. If you want to start swimming, it makes sense to build your pool and start enjoying it instead of waiting until you have the money for all the added features. Think about how the pool will be used? Kids don’t care that the pool doesn’t have a fountain? They just want to jump in that crystal blue water and splash you as you sit comfortably in your lounge chair. Some of these pool features can easily be added later.

4. Trees only get in the way.

No matter how good they look, don’t plant trees and shrubs around your pool. Those trees produce many leaves that may end up in the water, increasing your maintenance costs during the year. Having a beautiful landscape around your pool only adds to your costs and makes you spend more time cleaning than swimming. Instead, opt for tropical palms or shrubs.  They shed a lot less than traditional trees.

It is possible to build a pool on a budget. As you can see form this list, you can save money by skipping out on what you don’t need now and just adding it later. You never know, if you don’t add the feature and you have the pool for a few years, you will probably notice, you don’t even miss it.

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Consider the size of your pool, and build for its intended use. Just because you’re trying to save money doesn’t mean you can’t get the exact pool you want. American Pools & Spas can help design and build your dream swimming pool without draining your bank account. Make sure to work with an Orlando pool builder who can create your dream pool in 3-d design before breaking ground.  See your pool before we begin building it. Call us today for a free no-obligation design consultation at 407-847-9322 or fill out our free estimate form.