5 Benefits of Upgrading Your Pool to a Spa

It’s a question that has vexed mankind for centuries: should I build a pool or a spa? They both have their advantages. If you have a pool, and you regularly have pool parties, and you like to swim laps, then they’re great. However, there are also some pretty good reasons to have a spa. If you’ve been looking for ways to upgrade your backyard by considering swimming pool deck pavers in Orlando, FL, or enclosing your patio, or adding some extra greenery around the yard, perhaps you should consider upgrading your pool to a spa. Here are some great things about spas you may not have considered.

1. Sleep Like a Baby

Your body temperature drops a couple degrees every evening just before you go to sleep. The dropping of the temperature is one of the things that make you sleepy, so the more your temperature drops, the deeper the sleep you’re likely to have. Get in that spa a couple hours before bed time, and you’ll be amazed at the quality of rest you’ll be able to get.

2. Let Go of the Stress

Let’s face it: this is why we love spas to begin with. Studies have shown that the combination of warm water, massage jets, and weightlessness that come with spending time in a spa reduces both mental and physical stress, but did we really need scientific studies to tell us that? Anyone who’s ever spent time in a spa after a long day knows they feel great. The fact is, owning one where you’ll be able to spend 20 minutes a day resting in your own spa does wonders for your stress levels.


3. Drop the Blood Pressure

With high stress comes high blood pressure, so it stands to reason that dropping the stress also drops the blood pressure. Your body’s reaction to warm water is to stabilize your body temperature by pumping additional blood. This leads to your blood vessels dilating, thereby reducing the strain on your heart, and dropping your blood pressure.

4. Good for your Skin

Spas feel so good on your skin, they must be doing something good. Well, that’s not just your imagination. Hot water has the effect of opening up your pores and rejuvenating your skin. A well-maintained tub also cleans and disinfects the skin. Get ready to show off your new glow to all your friends!

5. Relaxes Sore Muscles

Get the same advantages professional athletes get when they hit the spa after a big game. The increased blood circulation that comes with the increased body temperature relaxes your muscles and relieves inflammation. A few minutes in your spa, and you’ll be ready once more to head out and sack a quarterback.

Both pools and spas are pretty great, so it’s really a matter of preference. When you’re ready to make that jump to a spa, call your pool spa contractors in Vero Beach, FL, and they’ll get you started.