5 Best Pool Deck Designs

Innovative deck designs can be simple or elaborate, but they must also be functional and appropriate for the intended use. Family decks, for example, need kid-friendly features, while decks that will be primarily used for entertaining an over-21 crowd can be more adventurous, elegant, or even unconventional in their design.

Here are the 5 top deck designs for 2018:

A View from the Deck

If you live near a body of water, a beach, a beautiful valley, or a lovely cityscape, you’ve likely admired the view. A deck inspired by a view is one of the top choices for deck designs this year. Glass and metal railings provide safety but don’t obscure the view you’ve created. Whether you’re building a deck to surround a pool or an outdoor kitchen, or setting up an additional living space for relaxation and leisure time, a view can create a whole new level of enjoyment for years to come.

Multi-Purpose Decks

Raised decks with a variety of entertainment areas are another trending deck design. These unique designs create covered, multi-level eating areas, as well as smaller, more intimate conversation and relaxation areas for a versatile and functional outdoor living and entertainment space. Add curved ramps or stairs to lead guests from one level to another.

All the Curves and Angles

The angular, rectangle-shaped deck isn’t the only way to go when building a deck. Designers today focus on curves, slopes, and arcs that create a flowing retreat or a comfortable outdoor space for your family. This type of deck should enhance, not detract from your home’s architecture. A pool contractor can help you choose elements to create a unique deck area to fit your needs.

Decorative Elements

Implementing decorative railings and a variety of colors and textures allows for some unique design opportunities. Consider adding built-in seating around the railing edges, a fire pit, a whirlpool, or built-in planters. Combine your leisure activities and add design elements that support your hobbies or interests. Custom-built storage cabinets can double as bench seating for your guests.

Go Non-Traditional Patio

There is a wide variety of outdoor furniture in the marketplace today that looks like it would fit just as well in your home’s interior living spaces. A deck doesn’t have to be traditional, since current trends cross over between interior and exterior furnishings. While most people generally think of decks as open areas with a grill, today’s deck designs are versatile and comfortable living spaces, divided into smaller, cozy, semi-open sections that allow for one-on-one conversations or quiet meditation, with added elements like a rug and fireplace.

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