5 Brick Paver Ideas to Upgrade your Outdoor Living Space

Brick pavers are colorful stones that can be used in your backyard in multiple ways to bring new function and style to your outdoor living space. Popular brick paver ideas include outdoor kitchens, fire pits and walkways. However, these aren’t the only choices. Pairing your creative ideas with an experienced paver company can help you realize your own happy place.

1. Outdoor Pavers for Living Areas
Pavers are an excellent surface choice for your outdoor living areas. For example, brick or stone pavers can serve as a durable, heat-resistant and weather-resistant foundation for an attractive outdoor kitchen. The arrangement and color of the stones will make your outdoor kitchen unlike any other in your neighborhood. Brick pavers can be used for surfaces in other outdoor living spaces in your yard, including patios and fire pits.

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2. Decorative and Functional Edging
Probably the most overlooked of all brick paver ideas is to use them as decorative edging.  If you have a pool or an existing outdoor living area, you can use patio pavers to create functional and visually interesting edges. This is a great way to add a fresh look to an older section of your yard. For example, if your patio is a drab concrete pad, interlocking pavers placed in an uneven pattern around the edge of the pad will add a fresh splash of style. For your pool, adding a border made with pavers can give you more room for seating areas around your pool.

3. Walkways Through Your Yard
An overlooked brick paver idea is to create a beautiful brick walkway from the front of your house to the backyard. Additionally, outdoor pavers can act as stepping stones, guiding people through the outdoor living areas spaced around your yard. If you have a large backyard, you can create walkways to any hidden nooks in your yard with a peaceful sitting area.

4. Adding New Seating
Although pavers are most commonly used as ground surfaces, pavers can also be stacked to become outdoor seating areas. These seat walls typically blend into pavers on the ground, creating a seamless seating area that only needs a few decorative touches, such as pillows, to become a whole new way for your guests to gather and chat. For more flair, consider adding a fire pit to your new seating area.

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5. Showing Decorative Style
Pavers are often used for functional reasons, but you can also rely on them to provide natural styling to your outdoor living spaces. Using a unique pattern of pavers with different textures and colors in front of your backyard fountain, for example, creates a compelling focal point. Having pavers installed in a large lawn with green spaces on either side can create a fun checkboard look. If you want to limit the amount of yardwork you need to do every weekend, you can use pavers to dress up the borders surrounding your house.

These are only a few brick paver ideas we’ve helped homeowners design over the years.  Brick pavers offer an excellent way to upgrade the features in your backyard, from providing new surfaces for outdoor kitchens to creating fun trails for your guests to explore.

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