5 Easy Ways to Keep Worms Out of Your Pool

Worms can be a huge nuisance. Here are some steps to keep them out of your pool. First, cover the pool. The easiest way to keep dead leaves and insects out of the pool is to cover it when you’re not using it. Second, move any plants. You should keep plants and foliage away from the edges of the pool, even up to 20 feet. Worms will be less likely to go near the pool if there’s no good soil. Third, clean the deck after rain. Worms tend to come out to the surface just after the rain. If you have the chance, after the rain, go out to the deck and clean it up a little. Remove the worms and put them back in the soil. Fourth, use limestone. If you put a little crushed limestone around the edge of your pool, this will deter worms. Lastly, raise the edge of your pool a little bit. This will prevent worms from falling in.

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