5 Must-Haves When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen

As the popularity of outdoor kitchens continues to grow, consumers are being offered an ever-expanding range of products. Anyone designing an outdoor kitchen will encounter a dizzying array of options. Whether you want to design an outdoor kitchen that is simple or create a luxurious space with gadgets galore, the possibilities are endless. Much of the design will depend on your tastes and your budget, but there are five things that all outdoor kitchens must have.

1. Get Cooking With a Built-in Grill
When designing an outdoor kitchen, it would be pretty difficult if your cooking space didn’t include a built-in grill.  Nothing beats preparing a tasty meal while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors on your built-in grill. Suitable for far more than burgers or hotdogs, a grill can be used to cook everything from corn on the cob and grilled veggies to pizza and fresh bread to steaks and roasts. Whether you’re fixing something for your family or hosting a fun cookout, a built-in grill will form the heart of your outdoor kitchen. Don’t skimp on ventilation simply because you’re outside. A ventilation hood or fan designed for use with an outdoor grill will clear away smoke and make your patio area a lot more enjoyable.

2. Make Cleaning a Cinch With a Sink
A crucial part of design an outdoor kitchen triangle is the sink. An outdoor sink will be used repeatedly during meal prep for washing hands, foods and kitchen tools. Since you won’t want to waste time and energy trudging indoors every time you need to wash up, a sink is a must-have. Full-sized sinks intended for outdoor use are available in assorted styles and materials, so it’s easy to find one that suits your kitchen. If your space is tight, squeeze in a bar sink or prep sink. Only you can decide the size you need.

3. Keep it Cool With a Refrigerator
Whether it’s inside or outside, a kitchen needs a refrigerator. A full-sized unit is ideal for storing drinks and provides plenty of room to store the ingredients of your next meal. Alternately, a mini refrigerator requires less space but offers a convenient place to store condiments and other frequently used items. When selecting your refrigerator, choose one designed for outdoor use so that it can withstand the elements and cope with temperature extremes.

4. Create a Landing Area With Countertops
Everyone needs a place for their stuff. Countertops create a landing area for both cooks and the people lucky enough to enjoy the meal produced in the ambiance of an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen island can easily serve as a prep area, an entertainment hub and a space for dining. Ideally, any countertops should be tough enough to withstand the weather, hot pots and grease splatters, so be sure to pick a durable material. Granite, concrete and tile are common choices.

5. Keep it Close With Storage
Most homeowners over look storage when designing an outdoor kitchen.  No backyard kitchen is complete without outdoor cabinets. They provide a place to store your kitchen necessities that is both close at hand and protected from the elements. Stainless steel, marine-grade polymers and teak are great choices because they resist water well.

Whether you’re envisioning something simple or want to create a outdoor kitchen fit for a chef, American Backyard Concepts can help you make it happen. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with designing your dream outdoor kitchen, obtaining the necessary permits and arranging for installation. To discover more about our services and request your quote, contact us online or call us at 407-847-9322.