5 Things You Need for a Perfect Spa at Home

If the idea of a spa day sounds like the perfect vacation, a time of relaxation, self-indulgence, and self-care, then you’d be happy to learn that you don’t actually have to leave home to have a spa experience. Who says you can’t recreate the ambiance and amenities of a hotel spa or massage parlor in the comfort of your own home? 

After all, there are only 5 things that you need to recreate a perfect spa experience. Pool and spa contractors in Vero Beach, FL, can build a personalized and private spa destination in your own backyard. These are the 5 necessities for the optimal way to unwind at home.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is the perfect backdrop for your spa. First of all, in order to deserve indulging the body with soothing muscle relaxation, you need to work the body. A pool is a great place to enjoy low-impact, refreshing, and enjoyable exercise. Design a swimming pool with light blue and light green materials, along with a beautiful faux-limestone deck for a pool that refreshes the eyes, mind, and body all at once.

Pool and spa builders can help you select the materials, shape, and features that you want out of your pool.


Pool and spa contractors can also build the centerpiece of your home spa experience: a hot tub. Install an in-ground hot-tub with jets and bubbles to soothe sore muscles and relax even the most stressed and overworked minds.

Spa 2

Soft Linens

Roll up some soft and luxurious towels to cushion your head as you relax in the hot tub, and keep an ample supply of towels handy for after your soak. Bath sheets, which are oversized and super-soft towels, are the best linens to keep handy.


Scents have a dramatic effect on your mood. For instance, did you know that peppermint and citrus scents can improve your mood, and that chamomile oil and lavender scents can trigger deep relaxation? Candles, scented linens, and even flowering plants will trigger your sense of calm and help you to decompress.


One important feature of spas is the sense of calm and privacy that they offer. The point is to make you feel as if you’ve escaped the real world and been swept away into a world of peace and comfort.

Spas contractors can help you design your landscape around you home to make you feel detached and de-stressed, with tall plants, latticework, and other features that surround your private jacuzzi and help you feel complete privacy.

That’s all it takes to have a perfectly relaxing and immersive home spa environment. Pool and spa builders can work with you to build according to your tastes. The best pool and spa contractors in Vero Beach, FL, will build a beautiful environment at such a low price that you’ll never need to visit a hotel spa again.