6 Small Backyard Design Ideas To Create An Oasis

In addition to expanding your living space, creating an outside entertainment area can boost your property value and make your home feel more welcoming to guests. Despite what you may think, you don’t need a sprawling yard to create an outdoor oasis. If you have a limited lawn to work with, consider the following small backyard design ideas to help implement your big patio ideas.

1. Take Accurate Measurements
Measure and record the dimensions of your outdoor space before you go furniture shopping. Consider collapsible chairs and extendable tables to modify the space as needed. If you want to include a grill or a small outdoor kitchen area, make sure there is proper space for your guests to sit.

2. Find Furniture for Outdoor Use
Look for furniture designed specifically for outside purposes. Outdoor furniture is usually made of durable materials that require little maintenance such as cast aluminum, resin wicker and teak. Make sure any fabrics on your furniture, awnings or umbrellas are both water and UV resistant.

3. Choose a Focal Point
The focal point is the first thing a visitor should notice when they enter a space. It can be a water feature, a fire pit, a sculpture or a projector screen for showing outdoor movies. Think about what purpose your outdoor area will serve, and choose an appropriate focal point that defines the ambiance you desire.

4. Get Creative With Pavers
When it comes to small backyard design ideas, patio pavers are a much more festive option than just a gray slab of concrete. Pavers are designed to withstand the elements, and they can be arranged creatively to add color, texture and personality to your yard. Since pavers can be laid out in any shape, you can take advantage of every square inch of available backyard space.

5. Think Vertically
Think of ways to use your exterior walls or other vertical surfaces.  One of our favorite small backyard design ideas is to build a pergola or trellis. They are not only beautiful, they are also add functionality, such as much-needed shade as well as create a vertical space. Once a structure is in place, you can install hooks for hanging plants, lanterns or tools. By building a pergola, you are not only limited to the horizontal space of your backyard.

6. Add Contrast, Not Clutter
You want your outdoor living area to have a distinct decor, but you also need to leave room for people. Look for ways to add visual diversity without cramping the space. For example, instead of buying dozens of unique planters, find two or three planters of the same style in different complementary colors. That way, you create some visual cohesion without everything looking the same.

American Backyard Concepts Specializes in Small Backyard Design Ideas
If you live in the Orlando area, American Backyard Concepts can transform your small backyard patio ideas into reality. With your help, the technicians at our 3D design center can create a model of what you want your outdoor oasis to look like before we build to your exact specifications. Give us a call today at 407-847-9322 to speak with one of our design consultants. We have helped so many homeowners transform their backyards. Let us help you make your backyard the envy of all your neighbors.