7.5 Things to Consider When Adding an Outdoor Fireplace

So many people spend so much time remodeling their interiors of their home that they forget all about that exterior or backyard living space waiting to be enjoyed. With an outdoor fireplace, a seating arrangement and some plants and decor, you can instantly transform a regular backyard into an enjoyable space for entertaining and lounging. However, there’s a few things to consider to make sure you get exactly what you want and expect.

1. Cost of adding an outdoor fireplace

You always have to factor in the costs whether you plan to renovate an interior or an exterior space. A custom-built outdoor fireplace usually costs more than a prebuilt or freestanding model; however, a custom backyard fireplace ensures you get the exact look you want that fits the space. We can create a fireplace that is an extension of your patio area that will flow smoothly.

2. Should your fireplace be Gas or Wood?

Though a wood fireplace provides a cozy area to warm up and roast marshmallows, a gas fireplace is a more environmentally friendly option and often easier to use. Both fireplaces have pros and cons, and it really comes down to your personal preference and local laws concerning open fires. As you can see from our fireplace designs, we can accommodate both styles for your personal enjoyment.

3. Placement of the Fireplace

Fireplaces range in size and can fit in both small and large spaces. Make sure to find a space that offers enough room for the fireplace and seating for guests. You might need to consider how much seating you’ll need or if you have other outdoor features which a fireplace might need to be further away. Let our design consultant help you decide.

4. Fireplace Design Ideas

From wood and gas fireplaces to fire bowls and pits, check out every style before selecting the first option for your backyard. Spice up a traditional setting with a sleek, modern fireplace, or go rustic with an open pit for roasting hot dogs under the night sky. Feel free to look through our gallery of completed jobs.

5. When the Wind Blows

Windy backyards can ruin a fireplace setting and send embers flying from a fire pit. Consider planting shrubs or installing a fence away from the fireplace to prevent the wind from wreaking havoc in your outdoor entertainment space.

6. Instant Resale Value

Interior renovation projects typically add resale value to a home, and the same rule applies to an outdoor space. A backyard fireplace and cozy seating instantly boosts interest when it comes to selling your home.

7. Stay Safe

Brush up on fire safety procedures in case of an emergency. Keep flammable seating at a safe distance, and consider fireproof brick pavers beneath the fireplace to prevent grass fires.

Now for the 7.5 as promised.

7.5 Just keep it simple.

Don’t go overboard with the design. Let the fireplace act as the focal point of your backyard living area and it will draw the attention it deserves. A few plants, candles, a patio coffee table and comfortable seating with happy guests is all you need to complete the space.

Can you envision your outdoor fireplace yet? We hope that this list has helped you identify what needs to be considered for your new backyard fireplace. The next step is to call us so we can help you visualize your backyard haven even more clearly. Let our experience work for you. Each of the photos above are completed projects by our team.