Adding a Pool Enclosure Will Preserve Your Sanity

No matter how long you’ve lived in Florida, it’s impossible to get used to the extreme heat here in the central part of the state. Though the intense heat and sunlight can mess with anyone’s sanity, a dip in the pool can help cool you off and help you deal with the heat of the day. Adding a pool enclosure will help keep you cooler as it offers extra shade and keeps out those nasty insects that sting and bite every time you come out to enjoy your pool.

What are the Benefits of Adding a Pool Enclosure?

Creating a New Entertainment Area

With its walls and roofing, a pool enclosure takes an outdoor space and makes it an extension of your home. It gives you a way to create an open floor plan and take advantage of the space around your pool. You can optimize pool screen enclosure with extra seating, an outdoor kitchen and other accessories for more enjoyment and added resale value.

Reducing Pool Maintenance

Afternoon thunderstorms often blow through the area and scatter leaves and debris all over the place. A pool  enclosure prevents wind-blown debris from entering your pool and helps cut down on your maintenance time. You won’t have to run your filters as much or use as many chemicals in your clean, enclosed pool area.

Stopping the Wind and Shielding the Sun

A pool enclosure reduces wind speeds, giving you a chance to enjoy a swim even on extremely windy days. You can also choose from pool screen enclosures with specialized meshes for blocking out some of the harmful UV rays and reducing the heat in your pool area.

Protecting Against Bothersome Wildlife

Have you ever turned on the television and watched another story involving an alligator and a pool? Well, the homeowner obviously didn’t have a screen enclosure. An enclosure keeps out Florida’s gators, snakes and other wildlife that go wandering in the night.

Keeping Out Annoying Insects

Mosquitoes thrive in Central Florida and spread West Nile & Zika viruses. Other bothersome pests, such as ticks, fleas and gnats, also make their way into backyards across the state. A tight mesh pool  screen enclosure stops these troublesome pests from ruining your day in the pool. You can enjoy a picnic or just lie by the pool without worrying about another insect bite or flies landing on your food.

Discovering the Many Pool Enclosure Options

Getting a screen enclosure your pool doesn’t mean adding a few walls and a roof and calling it finished. You can get a custom-built enclosure to suit your style and needs.

  • Select a pool cage with safety fences and removable wall panels,
  • Or select a screen that can resist pet scratches and damage caused by your cat or dog.
  • You can choose from enclosures with flat, shed, gable and dome roofs or opt for privacy screening to block nosy neighbors.

When the Florida heat, annoying insects and prying eyes ruin your swimming experience, consider a pool screen enclosure. An enclosure creates a barrier against leaves and debris, reduces solar heat gain.

Whether you’re looking to add value to your home or keep out invasive pests,  American Screen Enclosures can build a custom pool enclosure to meet and exceed your expectations. Call us at 407-847-9322 or fill out our online estimate request form.