Advantages of Building an Outdoor Kitchen Island

What makes an outdoor kitchen island so great? These popular features have a flexibility that make them perfect for practically any outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen island can be built in any size or shape, offering a delightful way to make smart use of your backyard living space. With the wide range of materials, finishes and styles available, you’re certain to find a look that suits your style and blends well with your home and existing décor. Whatever your outdoor kitchen needs, an island can provide.

A Place to Gather Around
Whether it’s a family meal, a small party for close friends or a bit of business entertaining, people tend to gravitate to natural gathering places, and an island makes a great focal point. Like the open floor plans that are so popular today, islands allow hosts to stay involved with their guests while still accomplishing the necessary tasks that keep the party running smoothly.

Room You Can Use
Everyone needs more room for their stuff, and an outdoor kitchen island delivers exactly that. It can provide extra counter space for meal preparation and double as a serving area when the food is ready. Of course, the flat top of the island isn’t the only usable space. Shelves and cabinets can be incorporated into the design to offer extra storage in the lower portion of the island. This space can be a fantastic place for dishes, kitchen tools and other items. Another option is to incorporate an accessory that makes cooking in your existing outdoor kitchen easier and more enjoyable. Small refrigerators, wine coolers and warming drawers are all popular choices.

Turning to Tables
Inviting someone to pull up a chair is undeniably welcoming, and an outdoor kitchen island can certainly double as a table. That makes it a handy space to sit down at while you enjoy a conversation, eat a meal or unwind with a book. Would you like to supervise the kids in the backyard, but you need to get some paperwork done? Using your island as a desk lets you do both and enjoy a sunny afternoon.

The Whole Kit and Caboodle
If you’re still playing with the idea of an outdoor kitchen, then now is the perfect time to explore all the possibilities that an island offers. An island can certainly be a welcome feature in an outdoor kitchen, and it can definitely add new functionality and flair as part of a kitchen design. It can also be the whole kit and caboodle if you incorporate the features that you want your outdoor kitchen to have into your island’s design. With a built in BBQ, you’re ready to get cooking. A sink makes it easy to wash up, and a mini fridge lets you keep drinks and condiments close at hand. Cabinets below provide convenient storage. It’s an all-in-one solution many homeowners find appealing.

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