Aluminum Pool Fence Installation What You Need To Know

Installing a fence around your pool is an excellent way to protect against pool accidents, add elegance to your backyard and keep your pets away. Wood and vinyl are common fencing materials, but aluminum is also a solid fencing material with years of longevity in Florida’s demanding climate. Researching the benefits of an aluminum pool fence will help you understand why so many homeowners choose aluminum over the other materials for their pool fences.

Durability that Lasts
In Florida, humidity and tropical rain and storms can damage or destroy the structure of your fence. The constant exposure to moisture can weaken the materials used in a fence. Metal fences offer the long-lasting strength that can resist the elements, especially when installing with stability in mind. However, many types of metals rust when exposed to water frequently. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust, making it a solid choice for Florida’s wet weather. Splashing pool water also won’t affect your aluminum fence.

Little Maintenance Required
An aluminum fence usually doesn’t need much maintenance to remain in good condition. During the manufacturing process, a special coating is applied to the fencing material to protect the aluminum and its color. Taking a walk around the fence once a year to look for any scratches in the protective coating can help you catch any small issues before they grow. Unlike a wooden fence, an aluminum fence has no need for painting, staining or resealing after the initial pool fence installation.

Flexible Design Choices
You don’t have to sacrifice style when you choose to have an aluminum fence installed; you can make several choices to impact the look of the fence, including the color and style. Inspiration from your house design and color can help you decide on the right look for your aluminum fence. If privacy is important to you, you can also opt for an aluminum privacy fence that’s carefully designed to slot together without gaps, allowing you and your family to enjoy your backyard without prying eyes.

Aluminum is an inexpensive material due to its abundance and availability. Although it is a bit more expensive than a wooden or vinyl fence, you’ll pay less over the next ten years for maintenance. With only minimal upkeep required to maintain an aluminum fence, you won’t need to spend money on extensive repairs or replacements.

Reliable Safety
Aluminum fencing around your pool is an excellent choice for homeowners concerned with pool safety. Thanks to the durability of the material, you won’t need to worry about gaps developing in your fence that could allow an unsupervised child access to your pool. While a determined child may be able to find a way through a damaged wood fence, an aluminum fence will stand firm.

Blends into a Slope
If your pool has uneven land nearby, you might think fencing will be a challenge. Installing an aluminum pool fence eliminates this challenge thanks to rackable panels. These panels have angled bottoms and can be placed directly on a slope, preventing gaps that are common with other fencing materials.

Aluminum pool fencing is a good choice for homeowners who want a reliable fencing material that can survive Florida’s weather. American Screen Contractors offers multiple fencing options for your pool, including aluminium pool fencing. Contact us today at 407-847-9322 to learn more about our aluminum pool fence installation services.