Amazing Ways to Enhance Your Pool Deck

Though your pool may be the focus of your backyard, a stunning concrete pool deck can make your pool area even more amazing. Consider your pool deck as the staging area for time outside, where simple changes can transform your swimming experience by offering a comfortable place to soak in the sun. Treat your pool deck as well as you’d treat your pool, with repairs and upgrades. Check out these ways to enhance your pool deck to make it look stunning to your family and guests.

Patch Cracks

First things first, repair any cracks that are plaguing your deck. Concrete decks are bound to crack, but thankfully you can repair them yourself, saving money and making your deck look great. If you don’t patch cracks early, they will only get bigger and harder to deal with. You can patch smaller cracks yourself using a liquid concrete bonder and a concrete repair kit. If you have large cracks to patch, more care and material might do the trick. Otherwise, you can hire professionals to help by contacting swimming pool contractors in Vero Beach, FL.

Pressure Wash

Once the cracks are patched up, the next thing to transform your deck is a deep and thorough wash. Concrete decks tend to take a beating from weather and foot traffic. Pressure washing will ensure that all the grime will be washed from your deck, making sure the surface is not slippery and instead is beautiful to look at.

Pool deck 2


After spending time patching cracks on your concrete deck and then pressure washing it to be spotless, you will want to protect your deck from future damage. Sealing your deck will keep you from having to repair and wash the surface for the rest of the year, maybe even two.


The next thing after repairing and sealing your deck is to add the things needed to make the space perfect for you and your pool. Necessities are different for everyone, so determine what is important for you. Shade is often a requirement, whether from an awning or umbrellas, providing a needed escape when the sun gets too hot. Pool chairs and other patio furniture can complete the space, and if you like hosting, then consider adding a grill or bar.


Finally, add those last touches to your deck that will complete the atmosphere and transform the area into something you love. Simple touches will do the trick, like lights hanging above, or a rug across the deck. Consider adding speakers to play music at parties or decorating with plants for a touch of nature. To help enhance your pool deck, reach out to spa contractors in Vero Beach, FL, for advice on how to transform the area by your pool.