Backyard Essentials for Summer 2018

There is no season more storied than summer. It’s a time for friends to come together and enjoy the heat of the sun and summer nights that stay warm. At American Pools and Spas in Vero Beach, FL, we know that summer is the best time to use your home’s backyard to the fullest. Make sure you have these essentials to make it the best summer ever.

Fire Pit

A fire pit provides a wonderful place to gather and enjoy the crackling of the flames. There’s something about a fire that calms people down and opens them up. Throw in some s’mores and you’ve got the makings of a perfect summer night. Just be sure to check your community’s fire regulations before installing a fire pit. Then you can sit back and enjoy the night sky while keeping the chill of the summer night away.

Outdoor Furniture

Get rid of your rusty, musty furniture and bring in some beautiful outdoor furniture designed to last and provide comfort. The best furniture for the outdoors can stand up to the elements and is portable. Remove the cushions to an indoor area and keep your furniture usable all season long. Some wood furniture doesn’t even need cushions when it is fashioned correctly.

Food Prep

No summer will be complete without a barbecue. Make sure you add a place to prepare food. After all, food is what brings people together, and the best use of your backyard will be to bring friends and family outside and away from their screens. A great BBQ can define a summer and create memories that will last a lifetime. More epic stories come from a party than any other activity people participate in.

Get Active

If you want people to stop looking at their phones, you’re going to need to have some sort of entertainment. A croquet set, horseshoes, or bocce ball are all relatively easy to install and use while providing some activity. In this day of sedentary lifestyles, any reason to participate in some movement is a welcomed respite from the boredom of indoors and computers.

Pool and Spa

Of course, pools and spas in Vero Beach, FL, are essential. They will provide the most activity for you, your family, and friends. Whether you want the exercise that a pool can provide or the relaxation of a spa, you don’t have to choose when you have something designed for your needs. Your friends will love both the pool and spa, and, when combined with a barbecue, you’re looking at one of the best summers ever. Be sure to get all the essentials for summer, but remember, the warm weather is meant to bring you and your friends together!