Basic Features that Affect the Cost to Build A Pool

There is no one-price-fits-all scenario when it comes to discussing the cost to build a pool. Even the most basic features affect the total pool cost, such as the swimming pool depth and the type of pump. Everything from interior finishes to decking all have something to do with the overall price, but you can easily pick and choose to create a pool that fits within your budget.

6 Features That Affect the Cost to Build A Pool

  1. Size and Depth – Sure, you can pick from typical swimming pool designs and dimensions, such as 10-by-20 rectangles, but the choice of size and depth is really up to you. Do you plan to dive or swim in place? Should the pool fit a large family and guests or just a few people at a time? The larger and deeper the pool, the higher price you’ll pay. You’ll also have to consider the size of your yard before getting caught up in unrealistic dimensions. Luckily, we’ve been able to work miracles with building pools in small backyards.
  2. Pumps and Filters – You’ll want swimming pool pumps and filters that do the job without a lot of work on your part. We install Pentair SuperFlo variable speed pumps, which have lower operating costs, provide maximum water flow and run quietly. We combine SuperFlo pumps with Pentair cartridge filters, which strip particles from the water and require very little maintenance. Check out our pool pumps and filters page.
  3. Pool Coping –The coping is the brick or stone above the tile line that wraps around the edge of the pool. It does more than provide an attractive edging; it also separates the pool structure from the decking. The type of coping that you choose affects both the price and the visual style of your pool.
  4. Interior Finishes – The interior finish is what gives your pool that signature look. It comes in various colors and textures to mimic natural stone or to reflect the colors of nature. American Pools installs upgraded quartz finishes in every pool and offers bluestone, marina, natural and oyster finish options.
  5. Decking – Included in the cost to build a pool is a standard concrete pool deck.  Many homeowners opt to upgraded to pool deck pavers. Although concrete is less expensive and usually included in the base price to build a pool, it may require more maintenance over time. Pool deck pavers, though more costly intially, but easier to maintain.  They come in numerous styles and create a nonslip surface around your pool. Here is more information if you are considering upgrading to pool deck pavers.
  6. Waterline Tiles – Waterline tiles add to the overall appearance of your pool. They are also designed to resist chemical treatments and hold up to years of use. Waterline tiles come in many different colors, patterns and materials and don’t stain like vinyl liners do.

We know there are a lot of decisions to make when building a swimming pool. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you. Visit our showroom and talk to one of our design consultants to help you create your swimming pool that will look amazing in your backyard. We can even show you what the pool will look like with our 3d design center. Call us today at 407-847-9322 or fill out the online form to request an estimate.