Benefits of Concrete Swimming Pools

When you decided to have a backyard swimming pool, built you probably didn’t count on needing to make so many decisions about the installation. You assumed the pool would be made from concrete, but you’ve talked to a few neighbors who think you should go with a fiberglass pool. In Orlando, FL, you have a few options for the building material for your pool. Read on to learn more about the benefits of building a concrete swimming pool.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If you go with anything other than concrete, you’ll be limited to both shape and size for your pool. Poured concrete allows for much more flexibility when it comes to design. Concrete, which is poured into forms where it hardens, offer you the option to have a pool built in any size or shape that you desire. If you have the real estate, you can build an Olympic -style pool. If you want a free form pool in the style of a lazy river, you can build that too. Concrete gives you the versatility to design the pool of your dreams.

The Deep End

Another benefit of concrete pools is that they can be built to just about any depth the customer chooses. This is especially important if you have a family with children. Small children need more swimming experience before venturing into deep water. Concrete pools can be built with deep and shallow areas. This gives swimmers of all levels a chance to have fun. Some families choose to have an area deep enough for diving. Others choose to keep the same depth throughout the entire pool. Homeowners who have a smaller space to install a pool, often choose a plunge pool. Plunge pools take up less space but can still be deep enough to be totally submerged.

Concrete Is Forever

Concrete swimming pools are durable. Their durability means they last longer than pools made of other materials such as fiberglass. While a concrete swimming pool is not maintenance free, it does maintain better than other types of pools. When you meet with your concrete pool builders in Orlando, FL, they will tell you that concrete holds up better in climates where the ground contains large amounts of sand and clay. Concrete also holds up better in hot sunny climates like Florida.

Dress It up

If you choose a concrete, you’ll be choosing the most popular material for pool designs in Orlando, FL. Because the pool is built onsite, you’ll have many options to craft a pool that fits your personality and the architecture and landscape of your home. The sky is almost the limit when it comes to dressing up your swimming pool. If you decide to have the entire pool painted, you can paint it any color. Many pool owners choose tile for the pool. Tile comes in an array of bright colors and patterns. Depending on the landscaping in your yard, you might choose a pebble pattern for the pool or the pool area. Using river rock to outline the pool is an excellent way to use natural materials, giving the pool area a more rustic look. The best pool builders in Orlando, FL, will work with you to create a pool that is not only a beautiful addition to your home, but one that will last for many years to come.