Benefits of Glass Patio Enclosures

Interested in installing a sunroom to your house? Our glass patio enclosures are a popular way to add sunshine, space, and convenience to your home and your yard. Here is why these are so popular in Vero Beach, FL, and why you need one right now!

Super Cost Efficient

These glass enclosures are so efficient, they will practically pay for themselves after they are installed. They are very affordable to begin with, but they are also very energy efficient and help conserve energy consumption in your home. The glass is insulated and airtight, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate while allowing you beautiful outdoor views.

Home Value

Having one of these glass beauties will also improve your overall home value. They are a popular feature to have now and in the future. They have a timeless beauty that doesn’t depreciate with the years. They add an extra room to your home, they let in natural sunlight, and they can also let you feel like you are outside while staying in a comfortable temperature.

Fast Installation

Not only are patio enclosures very affordable, they are fast and easy to install. Call us today for an estimate and we will let you know how soon we can have it done and what the final cost to you will be. You’ll be surprised at the convenience of installing something that adds so much value.

Extend Your House

These patio screen enclosures are basically like adding another room to your house. You can use the room for whatever you like. You can add lounging furniture for reading or sleeping, a swing, or a dining set. It will probably become the new most popular room in the house.

Extend Your Patio Space

Glass pool enclosures in Vero Beach, FL, can also be an extension of your pool or patio space. It can become a space for people to still feel a part of the swimming party if they don’t wish to get wet or be exposed to too much sun. The enclosure can also serve as a functional transitional space for people to fully dry off before entering your home!

Low Maintenance

If you’re worried that it will take a lot of work to keep the enclosure clean, think again. Patio screen enclosures are very easy to maintain. The glass is maintenance free, besides occasional cleaning. The screens are durable. And the vinyl providing the support structure for the screens and glass panels is extremely durable and resistant to wear, weather, dents, and color fading. You’ll never have to refinish or repaint unless you simply decide you want to change the color.

Choose a great, experienced company to install your glass enclosure and you can’t go wrong. At American Pools and Spas, we have experience installing dozens of these types of enclosures in Florida, and we can tell you that our clients are always thrilled. It’s another room to eat, play, socialize, and enjoy your pool and yard.