Benefits of Building a Pergola as a Patio Cover

The warm, sunny climate of central Florida is perfect for outdoor dining, grilling and entertaining. Attractive architectural elements such as pergolas embellish the look of the garden space and extend the living space away from the house. Building a pergola provides an outdoor shelter that enhances a patio or backyard, serving as a transition between indoors and outdoors. These exotic structures are used throughout the world in warm climates, including the Mediterranean, India, the American Southwest and Central America. A backyard pergola can be built as a patio cover or a stand-alone structure.

Elements of a Pergola

Building a pergola over an existing patio creates a partially covered space that adds visual interest and privacy to a yard. Pergolas use upright posts that support a latticed roof, which provides partial shade during the sunniest part of the day without blocking cooling breezes. Some pergolas have lattice walls to provide privacy and add architectural interest. Flooring can be any material that complements the living space and landscaping, including rustic clay tile, brick, ceramic tile or stone.

Pergolas as a Garden Extension

Both the sides and roof of a pergola can serve as a climbing garden trellis for flowers and decorative vines such as wisteria, grapevines or ivy. Plants that cover the lattice roof add beauty to the structure. Plants are also cooling and provide shade. Ferns, orchids or other decorative plants can be hung inside from the lattice to create a semi-enclosed green space. Small pots of flowering plants such as orchids can also be hung outside or be interwoven into lattice walls to add color and an attractive accent.

Custom Pergolas

Each property is unique, and the transition between garden space and living space can be attractively defined to reflect the aesthetic elements of your home. A professional contractor can help you visualize your pergola design ideas by showing different combinations of flooring, roofing and support materials. Also, a professional pergola contractor will look at the geographic orientation of your yard and suggest a direction that provides the most benefit for breeze, beauty, and shade. Your pergola contractor should also suggest an appropriate size that fits with the scale of both the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Custom pergolas by American Backyard Concepts use high-quality materials that are treated to endure the demands of the sun in the Orlando area. We use 100 percent wood cedar for the entire structure. Each element is hand-cut and fitted together to form a strong bond. The beams are stained and treated so that they will not fade from sun or water. We assemble and install the pieces at your home.

We work closely with you to understand your pergola design ideas and needs for your outdoor living areas. If you would like to transform an existing patio into an attractively shaded outdoor space, give us a call and talk to one of our designers about your vision. Simply fill out our request an estimate form or call us at 407-847-9322 to schedule a free consultation.