Benefits of Having Pool Screen Enclosures

Having a pool on your property comes with a lot of maintenance. It’s not cheap to own a pool, and it certainly takes some effort when it comes to upkeep. However, having a pool enclosure can help you in many ways that you may not have even thought about. An enclosure can be both practical and stylistic, as well. Here are some examples of benefits of having a pool enclosure surrounding your pool.

Keeps Debris out

One of the most time-consuming aspects of owning a pool is cleaning it out. It’s easy for leaves, dirt, trash, or other debris to get blown into your pool and get stuck there. Pool filters can only do so much of the work, so pool owners are stuck cleaning out their own pools quite often. However, if your pool is enclosed, that keeps it protected from the elements, and random debris won’t get blown into it.

Keep Bugs and Pests out

What’s even worse than getting debris in your pool is getting pests in your pool. Florida has no shortage of bugs, and they seemingly are omni-present year-round. If you don’t have an enclosure, there are incredibly high odds that you’ll end up with bugs in your pool at some point. However, that’s not even the worst thing that can end up in your pool. Rodents, frogs, or any number of other animals could find their way into your pool, and either drown or be poisoned by the chlorine. Without a pool enclosure, you might one day find yourself walking out to your pool only to find a dead rat floating in it. Pool enclosures help keep unwanted insect and rodent guests out of your pool.

Providing Shade

A pool enclosure isn’t just about protection, it can also serve extremely practical purposes like providing shade. Florida is the Sunshine State, after all, so there’s no shortage bright sunlight all year long. A pool enclosure can help shade your pool without blocking out sunshine. Pool enclosure designs and shapes can be customized, so you can create one with a specific area for shade, or install blinds or shades that can be drawn whenever you desire. Part of the fun of a swimming pool is to enjoy the sunny outdoors without being scorching hot, and a pool enclosure can still leave you feeling like you’re outdoors while also protecting you from harmful UV rays.


Although there are plenty of practical reasons to get a pool enclosure, one very simple one is to improve the aesthetic of your pool. Having a pool enclosure surrounding your pool gives it a different look and vibe, and can make your space unique.

All in all, there are several advantages to seeking out a pool screen enclosure in Orlando, FL.