Benefits of Using Electric Pool Heaters

Adding a heater to your pool can not only extend the time during the year that you get to use it, but also the time during the day. It’s clear that as the weather turns colder and summer transitions to autumn, a heated pool can ride out the transition a little longer. It is no less clear but less thought about that some days can turn colder in the evening and leave your pool water at less than an ideal temperature. If you want to use your pool after work in the evening, a pool heater will allow you to do so in comfort. If you prefer to swim in the morning, a heater can help make that swim much more pleasant.

Choosing the type of heater, gas, electric, or otherwise, depends on your budget and what benefits you want. Electric heaters tend to cost more upfront, but they provide a more even temperature for your pool. Over the long term, they also run more efficiently, costing you less money.

Electric heaters are also more environmentally friendly than gas heaters. They provide your pool with clean heat and, when coupled with a solar panel, they could save you even more money while being better for the environment. Gas could pose a leaking problem and has a more volatile energy cost.

Having a pool has amazing health benefits. When you extend the amount of time you can use the pool, you get to take greater advantage of those benefits.

At American Pools and Spas, we are dedicated to providing you with a pool that fits your needs. An electric heater is great when you want to get more time in your pool. However, the right-shaped pool for the activities you most enjoy will make your pool much more useful. Sports enthusiasts and lap swimmers will have different requirements than splashers and soakers. Fortunately, we can provide pools in many shapes to fit your yard and your expected usage. Contact us to day to get an estimate for the kind of pool that will fit your lifestyle and begin to take advantage of the health benefits of a pool.