Building a Tropical Pool in 3 Easy Steps

With endless blue skies, year-round sunshine and balmy sea breezes, Florida enjoys the tropical life year-round. Even though it may not be exactly like lounging in the lush landscape of Hawaii or Bali, building a tropical pool in your backyard is easier than you think. If you daydream about exotic places when you’re relaxing in the backyard, it’s easier than you think to wake up to the beautiful design realities of tropical pools.

Start with the Pool Design and Upgrades

Lovely lagoons aren’t squares or rectangles. Their sensual banks curve instead of having corners, and the best tropical pools follow this natural model. Today’s modern installation techniques easily replicate those flowing lines with gunite construction that lets you play with the lay of the landscape. If you’re interested in building a tropical pool, talk to your pool contractor about modifications that take the edge off that old design. Interior pool refinishing offers a depth of new color from brilliant turquoise to deep ocean blue. Soft LED lights below the waterline add waves of subtle hues, and a travertine deck puts the thrill back into being a barefoot native. Whether you’re building or upgrading, you’re investing in a permanent tropical vacation that lasts a lifetime.

Put Lush in Your Landscape

Thank the tropical stars that you’re planning a dream pool here in Florida. The sabal palm is our state tree for good reason, and it’s a natural around tropical pools in the company of beautiful hibiscus and exotic birds of paradise. Passion flowers and bougainvillea spread dramatic splashes of color and fragrance across the backyard, but don’t overlook the possibilities of containers. Suspend a secluded atmosphere from covered pool decks with hanging baskets of feathery ferns. If landscaping options are limited, poolside planters expand your horizons with designs ranging from basket-weave terra cotta to softly colored ceramics.

Finish with Dreamy Details

Capturing the feel of a tropical hideaway isn’t limited to pool shape or flower fragrance. Complement your personal oasis with island sounds by installing pool water features. Waterfalls, fountains and bubbler fixtures set a dreamy mood and soothe the soul. Don’t forget to include comfortable outdoor furniture to accentuate that island ambiance. Your best choices for relaxing in a tropical wonderland are rattans, bamboos and teaks plumped with soft cushions in brilliant floral patterns. Throw a thatched roof over the cabana, sling a hammock between those sabals, and make yourself at home in the paradise that used to be your backyard.

Your tropical dreams deserve to come true, so just let us know how we can help. Building a tropical pool entails turning your backyard fantasies into beautiful realities. American Pools & Spas will provide the design talent and construction expertise it takes to turn your picture of paradise into a tropical getaway just outside the back door. Our estimates are always free, so contact us today. We want you to wake up to the pool of your dreams every morning.