How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Design

No backyard oasis is complete without an outdoor kitchen. These outdoor living spaces allow you to prep, cook, and serve your favorite meals quickly while enjoying the scenery. If you’re looking for the best outdoor kitchen design ideas in Vero, Beach FL, take a look at a few of these tips before beginning the process.

Start from the Bottom

You’re probably looking forward to picking out the grill and other appliances that will reside in your outdoor kitchen. While they may be the heart of your space, it’s important to start from the bottom when beginning your design. Establishing what the layout of your outdoor kitchen will be makes it easier to make other decisions. Your floorplan should also include the materials that you plan to use for your foundation. If any renovations are needed, this is the time to make those arrangements and plans.

Pick the Right Location

Location is everything, even when it comes to building an outdoor kitchen. After all, you don’t want your grill to be so close to your home that smoke wafts inside. You also don’t want your outdoor space to be so far from your indoor kitchen that it’s a trek every time you have to carry something between the two. Keep your family’s lifestyle in mind as you create a location and a layout. If you’re planning on placing your outdoor kitchen near your pool or grassy area, keep in mind that a hot grill could be dangerous to young children. By putting a thoughtful plan together, you’ll enjoy your space much more.

Select Appliances

The size of your appliances will greatly determine how large your outdoor kitchen will be. Some people prefer large cooktops, while others are okay with a smaller space. On top of choosing a grill, you’ll need to decide whether or not you’d like an outdoor fridge, sink, and storage options. If you do, your layout will need to account for the space that these appliances will consume. Be sure to allow for enough space on top and to the side of the appliances to give you a place to prep your food.

Add Some Style

Your outdoor kitchen should be more than a cooking space. It should add interest and style to your backyard. Don’t leave things looking plain. Instead, add a seating area where guests can relax while the food is prepped and cooked. You can also add ambient lighting, speakers, or a drink cooler to give your kitchen even more style. It’s also a great idea to choose stone, tile, or other building materials that compliment your already existent backyard features.

There are plenty of outdoor kitchen design ideas in Vero Beach, FL, to choose from. The key is choosing one that works for you and your family. With the right design, you’ll enjoy dozens of dinners, events, and parties in the comfort of your own backyard.