Choosing Patio Pavers for an Outdoor Project

Are you planning a walkway, ready to redo a driveway or craving a patio? When you want to enrich the look of your outdoor living spaces, patio pavers are a smart choice for several reasons. They’re available in a wide array of styles, textures, shapes, colors and materials, so they are incredibly versatile. In fact, patio pavers are perfect for projects of all shapes and sizes, and they can be laid in practically any pattern imaginable. Once installed, they require little in the way of maintenance. Since the joints between the pavers allow for contraction and expansion, they are far less likely to crack than a concrete slab.  If a section of hardscape crafted from pavers is damaged, the fix is relatively easy. You can simply replace the broken paver.

When selecting patio pavers, concrete, brick and natural stone are popular choices. Let’s go over the differences between the types of pavers to help you determine which paver is right for your project?

Types of Patio Pavers

Concrete Pavers
Concrete pavers are more affordable than their natural stone peers, so if price is a major factor, they’re definitely worth considering. Because concrete can be stamped with designs, dyed in various colors, formed into virtually any shape and enhanced with aggregate, they can suit almost any look.  It’s easy to choose one that is right for your outdoor project. When installed properly, concrete pavers are very durable and easy to maintain.

Brick Pavers
Red brick pavers are a true classic that everyone recognizes immediately.  Pavers crafted from brick are actually available in several different colors and sizes. They lend themselves beautifully to traditional patterns, breezy Mediterranean looks and incredibly intricate patterns that create a truly one-of-a-kind feature for your outdoor living space. Strong and durable, brick pavers can take a great deal of traffic without flinching. Brick pavers also offer a naturally non-slip surface and are a smart option for pool decks. As for maintenance, the occasional cleaning with a little detergent and a scrub brush is generally all that is required to keep brick pavers looking fantastic.

Natural Stone Pavers
Some people feel that natural stone pavers have a special something that man-made materials simply cannot match. If you also feel this way, then you will be drawn to granite, marble, slate, limestone, bluestone or flagstone pavers. Although natural stone pavers are typically more expensive because they have to be quarried, many homeowners believe that their natural beauty makes them worth the extra cost. Pavers cut from natural stone are often more labor-intensive to install, but offer impressive durability and an amazing range of looks. If natural stone is your choice for your project, then you’ll want to select the type of stone.  Then you will need to decide whether you want a refined look with neatly cut pavers or a more rustic style that capitalizes on the charm of rougher, less-processed pavers.

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