Choosing Paver Colors For a Pool Deck, Patio, Driveway or Walkway

Color can have a major impact on the way people perceive a space, so it’s a vital aspect of any design project. If you’re installing a pool deck, patio, driveway or walkway, you’ll want to put some thought into the selection of paver colors. Before making your choice, take a little time to consider these four factors.

1. The Look That You Want
The use of color is a chance to express your own personal style. It also gives a space personality. Some colors are cheerful. Some are calming. Using light colors makes a small space appear larger or brightens a shadowy corner. A dark color makes a large space seem cozier. A vivid pop of contrasting color will create a focal point while a complementary hue produces a sense of unity. As you choose paver colors, think about the look that you want to create and use color to achieve your goals.

2. Practical Matters
Although you might be tempted to stand back and admire your new backyard area when it’s first completed, your ultimate goal is to create a usable space. That means it’s smart to consider a few practicalities when selecting hues for your brick or concrete pavers. For example, dark colors absorb and hold heat, so they may be uncomfortable underfoot on a sunny day. For a pool deck or a patio, you might find a lighter hue a better choice. On the other hand, light colors are more likely to show stains. That’s why driveway pavers tend to be darker. Is your heart set on using a light-colored paver? To prevent the inevitable stain from ruining the look of your driveway, try a multi-colored pattern. Alternately, use darker driveway pavers for the bulk of the project and place lighter pavers along the edge in a border.

3. Existing Features
There are certain features of a property like roofing and shutters that are difficult or expensive to change. If you want your new addition to blend in, then you’ll likely want to pick paver colors that complement the colors already present in your outdoor landscape. What if you want a patio that catches the eye? When selecting your patio paver colors, opt for hues that will stand out.

4. Changing Conditions
The outside world is constantly in flux. Patterns of light and shade shift as the sun moves across the sky. Rains drench everything before the sun, wind and time conspire to dry it out again. The appearance of many materials, including patio pavers, varies depending on the conditions. Brick paver colors that look fantastic on a sunny day may seem insipid when shadows move in or a shower soaks them. To avoid regrets, request samples of the pavers that you like and place them roughly where your new feature will be. Then, live with them for a little while to see which ones really appeal to you.

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