Choosing a Pool Automation System When Building a Pool

If you are considering building a pool in your backyard, you have a lot of decisions to make. In addition to settling on the shape and size, you must choose a pool automation system that can accommodate all of the features you desire. Picking out the right pool control system before you start construction ensures that you will successfully achieve your vision. This guide compares two of the most popular automation systems made by Pentair to help you decide which is the best fit for your project.

Pentair IntelliTouch Pool Automation System

With its customizable programs and simple menus, IntelliTouch turns any swimming pool into a “smart” pool. The optional IntelliFlo pump monitors your filtration system to ensure that it always operates at peak efficiency.  The right automation system can drastically reduce your monthly power bill. IntelliTouch also supports ScreenLogic Interface software allowing users to sync their pool system with a mobile device. Go ahead!  Turn on those lights and water features before you get home from work.  Then enjoy yourself for the evening.

IntelliTouch Features

  • Supports a variety of salt chlorine generators
  • Supports up to 40 circuits for controlling pumps, water features and lights
  • Supports IntelliBrite Pool Lights and IntelliTouch Automation Dimmer Module
  • Multiple feature circuits can be mapped onto a single button allowing users to program “themes”

Pentair EasyTouch Pool Automation System

EasyTouch systems come with a convenient central control panel, so functions such as opening valves or resetting the pool timer can be performed by pressing a single button. EasyTouch is also compatible with ScreenLogic2 for remote monitoring and control.

EasyTouch Features

  • Supports IntelliChlor Salt Chlorine Generator
  • Diagnostic screen reports problems for easy troubleshooting
  • Supports up to eight feature circuits
  • Supports IntelliBrite Pool Lights

Which Pool Automation System is Best for You?

While both Pentair automation systems allow owners to expand and customize the features in their pool, IntelliTouch has more options out of the box.  Intellitouch is compatible with a wider range of add-ons. Consequently, EasyTouch is the less expensive option; however, keep in mind that the power saving capabilities of the IntelliFlo pump can cut down on your energy costs. Property owners looking for an economical option of the highest caliber should consider EasyTouch.  However; IntelliTouch is better for those who think they may want to add more features later on. Since both systems are made by the same company, their quality is guaranteed.

American Pools & Spas – Your Choice for Superior Pool Automation Systems

If you’re thinking of building a pool, American Pools & Spas can walk you through each step of the process including choosing a pool control system. Our experienced design team can even provide you with a 3D design so that you have a clear vision of what the final product will look like. In addition to designing and building pools to our clients’ specifications, we also help homeowners navigate pool financing options. Contact American Pools & Spas at 407-847-9322 or fill out our online form to get a free estimate.