Choosing the Right Pool Builder

Building a pool is a lengthy process that requires expertise and design experience. Whether you’re looking to build a custom oasis or a pre-fabricated option, it’s important to hire the best pool builders in Orlando, FL, to handle things. To help you narrow down your search of builders, here are a few things you should remember.

Ask for Recommendations

Who do you know that has a pool? Talk to them about who they trusted with their pool design, construction, and installation. Your friends and family members who have gone through the pool building process probably have plenty of recommendations of good builders. Asking for references from those you trust is a great place to begin your pool builder search.

Search Business Sites

Once you have a few recommendations to choose from, do some digging. Head to the business websites of each of your prospective pool builders. Each website should contain plenty of information regarding business practices, licenses, and experience. Most pool builders will also have a number of photos and designs that they’ve installed. Look for a builder who has created pools that fit your style. If you like what you see, schedule an appointment.

Check for Certifications

A great pool builder understands the details and skills that go into creating a functional pool. For that reason, many have a CBP on staff. A CBP, or Certified Pool Builder, isn’t a rank that can be awarded or attained through experience. Instead, it’s earned through continued education, training, and completing a series of exams. If possible, find a pool builder with a CBP on staff to ensure that your pool turns out exactly the way you envision it.

Get Quotes in Writing

Each prospective pool builder that you consider should give you a quote to build your pool. Granted, this number isn’t exact. It should take in to consideration the size, excavation, finishes, equipment, and additional features that you’re looking for. Based on the information given, ask your builder for a written quote. While this isn’t a guaranteed price, it gives you a price foundation and allows you to compare prices and quality of work. Plus, if you choose a builder who’s given you a written quote, it’s important that they honor the prices they provided or give valid explanations as to why the quote is changing.

Don’t Rush Things

It’s understandable. You’re anxious to pull the trigger on your new pool and enjoy your new space. But, it’s important to take your time when choosing a pool builder. This is a big decision. The pool builder you choose can affect the quality and integrity of your outdoor oasis. Instead of diving in with the first builder you find, speak with numerous businesses and choose the one that you feel the most confident in.

You have many different concrete pool builders in Orlando, FL, to choose from. Make sure that builder you choose shares your vision and is willing to create the pool of your dreams within your timeline.