Choosing the Right Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

Installing an outdoor kitchen adds value to your property, expands your living space and creates a fantastic new place to entertain family and friends. While a grill will get you cooking, selecting the right outdoor kitchen appliances will allow you to design an outdoor kitchen that is every bit as useful as the one inside your house.

Outdoor Kitchen Grills
For anyone planning an outdoor kitchen, a grill is a necessity. Options abound in outdoor kitchen grills, so you’re certain to find the perfect one for your patio. Be ready to make some decisions as you shop for your grill. Do you want a built-in grill or something portable? Are you interested in gas grill or a charcoal one? Whatever your preference, remember to consider the size of your space and the number of people you intend to cook for when selecting your grill.

Vent Hoods
If you intend to install your outdoor kitchen near your house or under a roof, a vent hood is a must. The ventilation it provides will pull smoke and pungent cooking odors away from the area, making it a more enjoyable place for both cooking and relaxing.

Grill Side Burners
While some grills come with side burners, these are often underpowered and too small to fit a full-sized pot. Adding a portable or built-in side burner will allow you to boil water and prepare soups and sauces in your outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Refrigerators
Tucking a compact outdoor refrigerator into your outdoor kitchen design means that you won’t have to trek to the interior kitchen for basics like drinks and condiments. It also offers a convenient place to store the components of a meal while you prepare to cook.

Outdoor Kitchen Sinks
The third corner of the traditional kitchen triangle, a sink offers a way to wash hands, foods and even dishes. An outdoor kitchen sink is a huge convenience, but it does require a little planning to install. You’ll need to sort out how to get water to it and how to handle drainage issues.

Outdoor Ovens
A grill is great, but incorporating an oven into your outdoor kitchen will deliver even more flexibility. Several manufacturers offer both gas and electric ovens, and you can pick from countertop and built-in models. Is there a pizza fan in your family? If so, you might discover that a wood-burning pizza oven is the perfect addition to an outdoor kitchen.

Special Touches
With the popularity of outdoor kitchens increasing, the range of outdoor appliances available for them is steadily growing. Have you considered a dishwasher? You’ll also find ice makers, warming drawers, wine refrigerators, beverage centers and other specialty appliances. The possibilities are endless.

When selecting appliances for your outdoor kitchen, choose items that offer durability, functionality and style. American Outdoor Living is ready to help you incorporate the features you want into an outdoor kitchen design that you’ll love. Contact us today at 407-847-9322 to learn more about the possibilities and request a free estimate for your project.