Creating a Beautiful Small Backyard Patio using Pavers, Outdoor Kitchen or a Firepit

If your home has a small backyard, it may be difficult to imagine creating a small backyard patio to expand your outdoor living space. Even with space constraints, however, you can use creativity to make the most of your small space. Using pavers as a base to create a functional and beautiful backyard is a good first step in creating your outdoor paradise.

Small Backyard Patio Design Ideas

Setting the Stage with Pavers
Patio pavers are decorative cuts of brick, stone or concrete. These materials are durable and come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. You can achieve a multitude of different looks with the creative use of pavers. For example, instead of a bland gray slab of concrete for your porch, you can use pavers to create a rounded porch with a red hue and interesting texture. Using a rounded design in a small space creates a unique look to make your outdoor living space feel even bigger.

Add New Functionality to Your Living Space
Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to add functionality to your patio area and give your outdoor living area a dual purpose. While you probably won’t have the space to install a grand outdoor kitchen with all of the extra features, you can work with a designer to create a kitchen with a small footprint that still has the essentials for making a good meal and entertaining guests.

Use Furniture Wisely
Using too much furniture can easily overwhelm your yard and give you little room to maneuver while carrying a plate of appetizers. Although you probably can’t expect to fit in a large table and eight chairs, you can look for some compact furniture choices. If you choose to have an outdoor kitchen installed, opting for a design with a built-in bar can give you a place to socialize and eat without taking up a lot of room.

Adding Other Small Amenities
When planning a small backyard patio, you can still have some fun amenities that don’t take up a lot of space. For example, a small fire pit adds a gathering point in your yard without taking up more space than a small table. Use brick pavers to create a stylish seat wall for your outdoor firepit adding elegance and additional seating. Water features, such as water bowls, also add a nice touch without using excessive space.

Making Use of Vertical Space
Using vertical space in your yard, such as the exterior walls of your home, allows you to add more decoration and functionality without making it difficult to use your yard. Installing hooks on your exterior wall, for example, can give you a place to store garden tools or a way to hang plants.

Creating a small backyard patio for your outdoor and entertaining needs might seem challenging. However, brick pavers, an outdoor kitchen and a fire pit are some just of the many tools you can use to create a comfortable living space with plentiful functionality. For years, American Outdoor Living has been using these same tools to help Florida homeowners create their own backyard dreams. Contact us today at 407-847-9322 for a free estimate to create your own outdoor paradise.