Custom Pool Building Checklist

Have you recently decided to build a custom swimming pool in your yard? If so, there are a few things you will need to do before you can enjoy the warm weather and go for a dip. Use the checklist below figure out precisely what you need to do before hiring a custom swimming pool builder in Vero Beach, FL, to build your new swimming pool.

Get Inspired

Deciding what you want the pool to look like can be difficult. Many homeowners find it useful to look at photos of others’ pools to get inspired and give them some ideas for their own backyard. Determine what features you love and want to include in your design.

Consider Your Space

Next, think about the space that is available in your yard. Though you might love to have a built-in water slide attached to your pool, there may not be enough room for that. Look at the size of the yard and figure out how large of a pool you can realistically install. Though the pool builders will take measurements, looking at the yard can give you an accurate idea of the size and pool features you can include.

Figure Out What You Want

Why are you building a pool in the first place? If you are installing the pool so you can exercise, you will need to consider that during the design process. If you want to throw great pool parties, you may need a larger patio area, which will also need to be taken into consideration. Knowing what you want to use the pool for can help the designers to create the best custom pool for you and your family.

Pool 2

Check HOA Rules

If you live in an area with a homeowners’ association, you need to check with them before you make any arrangements for the pool. They may have rules and restrictions in place about the size and style of the pool or whether you can install one at all.

Determine If Property Taxes Will Rise

Contact a tax professional in your area to determine how the custom pool will impact your property taxes. If the taxes will increase, make sure you’ll be able to afford them.

Research Materials

Before meeting with contractors, research types of pool materials, decking materials, filter systems, pumps, and heating systems. Doing this research will help you to estimate the costs of the pool installation and communicate better with the contractor. Though they can offer expert advice, it’s good to rely on your own knowledge as well.

Hire a Custom Pool Builder

After designing the pool, checking the regulations, and considering costs, you can look for and hire a pool contractor in Vero Beach, FL. Read reviews and get quotes from multiple companies so you can hire the right builder for your needs.