DIY Pergola Kit vs. Hiring a Custom Pergola Contractor

Pergolas seem like fairly simple structures, and there are a variety of prefabricated pergola kits available for those who relish do-it-yourself projects. However, before you dive headfirst into buying a DIY pergola kit and building it on your own, you’ll need to decide if that’s really the best strategy for you. After all, the DIY approach isn’t suitable for every project or every homeowner. How do you know whether you should try your hand at constructing your own pergola using a DIY pergola kit or hire a contractor to do the job for you?

The Structure
The complexity of your new backyard pergola is one obvious consideration. How fancy of a pergola are you picturing? If you are dreaming of enhancing your outdoor living space with a simple backyard pergola, then you might be happy with a DIY pergola kit. However, if you have a more complicated structure like a customized or attached pergola in mind, then you will probably be better served by hiring a pergola contractor. A skilled contractor knows how to design a pergola to suit a particular space, can incorporate extras like electricity and can easily handle attaching a pergola to an existing structure like your home.

Your Skills
A DIY pergola kit comes with all the materials precut and ready to go, which definitely make building a pergola easier. However, you’ll still need some basic skills to get the job done properly, especially if you intend to use power tools. Frankly, any type of construction project can be dangerous if you lack the knowledge, skill and tools to accomplish the necessary tasks safely. It’s important to be very honest about your abilities. Watching a few episodes on HGTV won’t cut it when it comes to home improvement. Do you know what you’re doing with the tools needed to build the backyard pergola that you want? If not, you might prefer to entrust a pergola contractor with the project.

Your Time
When done right, building a pergola takes time. You need to choose a design, sure the necessary permits, then it’s time to build. The actual construction process for a pergola will generally require a few days of steady labor. Those who aren’t as familiar with the process will likely need a bit longer. If swinging a hammer is your idea of relaxing, then using your vacation time to put together a kit might be a good experience. If you prefer to put your downtime to other use, you’re probably better off hiring a contractor.

For more than 23 years, American Backyard Concepts has been transforming the backyard daydreams of central Florida residents into delightful realities. We are a family-owned company providing top-notch design and fabrication services for many of the most popular features used to improve outdoor living spaces. We can build a backyard pergola that is customized to suit your space and your needs. Our custom pergolas will be a focal point of your outdoor entertaining, which is more than we can say for a DIY pergola kit.

Our custom pergolas are handcrafted and constructed of rough-sawn cedar posts and beams. We always make sure each pergola is stained and sealed before being assembled with interlocking profiles. Our goal is to make sure your new pergola will withstand Florida’s strong sun and high winds without flinching and be a source of pleasure for years to come. Contact us today at 407-847-9322 to explore the possibilities of creating a new custom pergola. Estimates are always free.