Everything a Backyard Needs for 2018

Outdoor living is a big deal for home owners this year. Living the 9-5 life can get stressful, so creating an inviting space to relax and unwind after work and on weekends is the goal for 2018. Read on for ideas about how to create a backyard space to please the entire family.

Join Me in My Zone

Depending on the size of your yard, you may be able to create zones for various activities. If you enjoy grilling, create a fun zone for hosting cookouts. A grill, a dining table, and maybe even a space for an outdoor kitchen will draw friends and family. A shady spot is great for reading. Add wind chimes and a garden pond for the ultimate book nook. Design a special kid zone with plenty of space to play outdoor games. Don’t forget the patio! Make sure you have seating areas and lots of comfortable cushions. Add an umbrella if your patio gets a lot of direct sun. You may even consider calling one of the pool contractors in Orlando, FL, to talk about how you could add a pool to your backyard.

Plants Everywhere!

This is the year to expand on the natural beauty in your yard. Unless you relish spending lots of time pruning and maintaining trees and flowers, choose low maintenance plants that thrive in the unique climate of Orlando, Florida. Consider winged elm, bald cypress, and crepe myrtle trees. Line the zones you’ve created with shrubs such as Florida zamia. Add ground covers like Asian jasmine and sunshine mimosa for fragrance and color. Plants are the perfect accent for pools and spas, so if you plan to add a water feature, don’t skimp on natural elements.

The Year of the Swimming Pool

If you’ve thought about adding a swimming pool, why not make an appointment today to discuss installing pools and spas in Orlando, FL? A swimming pool is the ultimate addition to your backyard oasis. Everything else you’ve done to upgrade and make your outdoor living space more enjoyable will only be enhanced by a swimming pool. If the space isn’t large enough for a full-size pool you have other options. What about a plunge pool? Plunge pools are usually large enough for at least two people but deeper than a spa. Of course, you could also have a beautiful spa built to complement your outdoor space. Whatever you choose, the point is to have a place where you can cool off on a warm day. If you already have a swimming pool, this year is an excellent time to add a few enhancements. Consider a creating a tanning ledge so you can relax with a cold drink while watching the kids play in the water. If you don’t have lights, add a combination of fun lights both in and around the pool. Finally, make it a point to spend more time this year swimming than you did last year. Make that pool pay off!