What to Expect During Swimming Pool Installation

You’ve selected a reputable swimming pool installation company and worked with knowledgeable designers to design your perfect pool. All the permitting is done, your yard is prepped and you’re ready for the actual construction to begin.

What to expect during a swimming pool installation:

When it comes to swimming pool installation, brace yourself for a bit of controlled chaos. There will be times when your backyard looks like a scene out of disaster movie, but all of that disarray has a purpose. The installation process for inground swimming pools involves multiple steps.  We have outlined those steps for you below.

1. Excavation
The space where your new pool is going to be is currently occupied by a lot of dirt. Removing that dirt is the first step in installing your pool, so be prepared for excavation equipment, noise and a bit of a mess. While a lot of the dirt will be hauled away, some may be stored onsite for use in later stages of the installation.

2. Preliminary Construction and Plumbing
Once the soil is out of the way, the swimming pool construction process begins with steel rebar. The steel acts like a skeleton, providing support for the gunite shell. It’s carefully bent and shaped to create the desired contours. You’ll also see signs of plumbing as pipes are installed for the skimmers, drains, cleaner lines and returns. Some preliminary electrical work might also be completed. It won’t look much like a pool at this stage, but hang in there. You’re another step closer, and once this preliminary work is inspected and approved, the progress will continue.

3. Gunite Installation
Gunite is a special blend of water, sand and cement that’s sprayed into place with a pressure hose to create a dense layer of hard concrete that’s perfect for building inground swimming pools. The gunite will be sprayed onto the steel skeleton and hand-finished by installers armed with trowels before being left to cure. It generally requires a few weeks for the material to fully cure.

4. Surrounding the Pool
Once the gunite is in place, your swimming pool builders will turn their attention to the area surrounding the pool. They’ll install the coping stones that form the upper edge of the pool’s walls. Any grading that needs to be done around the pool will be completed, and the pool deck will go in. While there are still tasks to complete, you should be able to get a sense of what the final product is going to look like at this point.

5. Finishing Touches
With the gunite fully cured, it’s time to apply an interior finish that waterproofs the shell. There are several options for colors and textures, so you’ll get to choose the finish that best suits your style. A licensed electrician will also complete the final electrical work, and the pool’s mechanical equipment will be installed.

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