FAQ When Building a Pool

American Pools & Spas has been serving Central Florida since 1999 and we have helped thousands of homeowners make a decision regarding their backyard pool.

Below are a few questions that seem that every homeowner has when contemplating whether or not they want to build a pool.

What size and shape pool is best for my backyard?
We get that question all the time.  That answer varies by backyard, by purpose and even by lifestyle.  We take great pride in designing multi-purpose pools that satisfy your personal interests and needs.  Whether you want a large, deep pool (great for diving) or a family oriented pool with lots of water features, the pool size and shape is only limited by available space, your budget, and how large a pool you are willing to maintain.  When sizing a pool, make sure to keep in mind adequate space for entertaining including pool furniture and even some common back yard accessories (like outdoor kitchens, firepits and pergolas, which we do as well!). We will help you design and build your perfect pool to make your backyard dream come to life.

What if I have a small or difficult backyard to work with?
You will be surprised at how a small backyard can have the most innovative design. Our design consultants can create an enjoyable backyard oasis with your valuable input with either minimal access to the backyard or a challenging grade or even both.  Call today to schedule a free design consultation.

Why own a pool?
When constructing a pool you aren’t just building a hole in the ground with water, you are creating a private vacation destination for yourself and your loved ones where you can create memories which will last a lifetime.  Swimming in a pool with friends and family, entertaining in your new outdoor living area will allow you the freedom and flexibility that you may never have experienced on a vacation, except it is in the comfort of your own home.  We recognize and respect that building a pool is a large financial decision and often an emotional one as well which is why our designers help you design your perfect pool within your budget.  In recent years, the cost of single family homes have increased rapidly in proportion to average incomes. The result is that homeowners are moving less frequently and investing more in home improvements, including swimming pools.  A swimming pool is one of the few investments that will increase the value of your home.

How long does it take to build a swimming pool?
From the day of excavation it should take about 8 weeks based on the overall scope of your project.  More standard or traditional projects could take 6 – 8 weeks, but the more complex and custom projects could take 8 weeks or more.  Try and remember though, from the day you sign the contract other things have to happen before the pool can be excavated, such as:

Financing (if applicable), Home owners associations, Marking and finding utilities, Permits from your city or county can sometimes hold up the process.  It all depends on what city you live in and the time of year. Ask one of our pool design consultants how long your city normally takes at that time of year.

Do I need building permits?
Yes, and American Pools and Spas will obtain all necessary permits through the appropriate building departments. If it is necessary to obtain a variance, those fees are paid separately by the homeowners. We will also prepare plans for the Homeowner’s Architectural Committee.

Do you do tree removal?
We can help you arrange tree removal, however, like with most items that homeowners are traditionally responsible for, it is usually best and most cost effective to handle those items on your own.  The typical items homeowners are responsible for are; tree removal, irrigation cut/capped/rerouted, gas tank installation, gas hookup, landscaping, sod replacement and repair.

Do I need to build a retaining wall?
Each site is different and site elevation changes dictate this need

Can I build a pool while my home is under construction?
Yes, however the property still belongs to the builder until you close. You may make arrangements with him, and also with your lender, if the money for the pool is to be part of the mortgage.

Do you also landscape when the pool is complete?
We do not provide landscaping, however can refer outside companies upon request. At the final grade stage of construction is when landscaping needs to be addressed by the homeowner.

Do we have to put up a fence?
This depends on if you have the pool enclosed or not.  We have an excellent screen and fence contracting company available for projects.

Is it hard to maintain a pool?
These days, not at all. There are automatic chlorination systems that constantly monitor the water and add chemicals when necessary as well as salt water pool chlorination. There are also non-chemical solutions available for those who prefer not to use chlorine.

What is the warranty on the pool?
Our warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the day of completion. We also guarantee that the pool will be structurally sound as long as the buyer owns the home. If the pool will not hold water, we will repair it so that it will. Please request a copy of our warranty. Pool equipment has extensive warranties of their own from the manufacturer. We stand behind all the products we sell. Some interior finishes offer lifetime warranties.

Are you insured?
All our contractors and crews are fully insured for liability, property damage and workman’s compensation.

If we have missed your questions, please use our contact form and submit the question.  One of our design consultants will answer you as quickly as possible.  It might even show up on this page in the future.  Thank you for considering American Pools & Spas.