First Steps in Creating a Swimming Pool Design

When building a swimming pool, most homeowners have a general idea of the type of swimming pool design they want, but sometimes unsure where to start. Therefore, we’ve put together this post to address the first two decisions in building a swimming pool. Since today’s swimming pools come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, it’s important to know what size of a pool you can build in your backyard and what shape would be serve you and your family.

Top Two Factors in Swimming Pool Design

Determining a Swimming Pool Size

The average American swimming pool is roughly 15 feet wide and 30 feet long, but that doesn’t mean that that’s the best size for your space. Instead of average, strive for excellence by contemplating what size pool will best suit your unique situation. The first concern is the size of your yard. How much of your yard are you willing to dedicate to a swimming pool? How will the pool fit in amongst your yard’s existing features? If you have a big yard, you’ll have more options, but even a smaller space can be the perfect place to take a dip if you select a swimming pool design suitable for a small yard.

When contemplating pool sizes, don’t forget to think about how the pool will be used. How many people will be swimming in it at once? Large groups will appreciate more room. It’s also wise to consider the age of the swimmers using the pool. Children can find a big pool with a large deep end intimidating. In contrast, older teens and adults who like to play games or swim laps tend to enjoy having more space. In both instances, the pool doesn’t need to be that deep.

Pool Shapes

When it comes to inground pool designs, virtually any shape is possible. If you need a little inspiration for your swimming pool design, it’s worth taking a look at some popular pool shapes. For example:

  • A kidney-shaped pool offers an organic, natural shape with gentle curves. Its soft edges are visually appealing, and it offers plenty of space for swimming.
  • A rectangular pool is a time-tested classic that suits both traditional and modern architectural styles. It’s also a practical choice that provides room for swimmers to complete a wide array of water activities.
  • A geometric pool combines various geometric shapes to create something that is both fresh and classic. This pool shape can be used to designate areas for specific activities or to call attention to a fantastic feature that you’d like to make the focal point of your outdoor living space.
  • A free-form pool isn’t bound by traditional expectations. Instead it provides a truly custom look and the freedom to capitalize on your space.

With so many possibilities for the shape of your custom swimming pool, how do you know what to choose? Again, you’ll want to consider the dimensions of the pool’s prospective location and how you intend to use the pool.

At American Pools & Spas, we delight in making swimming pool dreams into realities. Our experienced designers will be happy to help you explore the possibilities, and with our 3-D design software, you won’t have to wait to see what your new pool will look like. Contact us at 407-847-9322 or stop by our design center today to learn more.