Fun Features for Your Outdoor Spa

Adding an outdoor spa to your outdoor living space requires planning and thought regarding what features are important to you and your family. Most features will need to be determined before installation begins. If you’ve decided it’s time to indulge in a built-in spa, read on for things to consider before meeting with your pool spa builders in Orlando, FL.

Is the Swimming Pool Included?

People do have stand-alone spas built; however, if you have the budget, and the real estate, it may make more sense to have an in-ground pool and spa built together. That way, the spa design can be incorporated with the design of the pool. If you have the budget for a custom spa and haven’t yet decided about including a pool as well, it may not be that much more to go ahead and have the pool built. This is a subject best discussed with your spa contractor in Orlando, FL.

Round or Square?

The shape of your spa is one of the first features to consider. One of the most popular shapes is the circular spa. A round shape feels natural and inviting for conversation and works great when you have a group of several friends visiting. An oval shape also works well for the same reason. If you’re feeling a bit daring, consider a triangle or hexagon shaped spa. Don’t limit your ideas by trying to match the shape of your pool. A round, or free-form spa adds a splash of bold to a rectangular shaped pool.

To Infinity and Beyond

If you’re looking to add a touch of mystique to your spa, create an infinity spa. This feature is just like the infinity pool where a portion of, or the entire perimeter disappears on the horizon. Another idea is to build a raised spa and have your builder create spillways so the water continuously spills over into the swimming pool. Either of these features makes a perfect backdrop for plants, trees, and other natural touches, creating a true outdoor oasis.

Turn on the Lights

If you’d like to make your spa inviting for nighttime use, incorporate lights into the design. You’re not limited to plain old white pool lights either. What about color LED lights to add a striking, fun accent? Using LED lights is not just for the pretty effects, they use less energy, making them eco-friendly. You can go one step further and install color changing LED lights in the spa. With lights, you can create whatever atmosphere most appeals to you.

Add Some Spa Jewelry

When it comes to designing the interior and exterior, you’re only limited by the level of creativity of you and your builder. Some spa owners opt to use river rock or boulders to line the exterior. From quartz aggregate interiors, to ceramic patterns in every color under the sun, to iridescent glass tiles, you and your spa designer can make the spa as elaborate as you like. What matters most is that you create an inviting place where you look forward to soaking at the end of a busy day, or relaxing with friends on the weekend. Once you have some ideas about features you’d like to include in your outdoor spa, contact one of the pool spa builders in Orlando, FL, and get ready to enjoy.