Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Pool Builder

You’ve made the decision to invest in a pool for your family. You’ve spent time searching through numerous designs and found the perfect fit for your space. You’ve even chosen some matching accessories to accentuate the surrounding landscape.

But, have you considered who’s going to build this relaxing space for you? Choosing your builder with care is even more important than all the choices you’ve made so far. Begin and end your search when you hire a custom pool builder in Vero Beach, FL.

Do Your Research

The internet is a valuable resource when you’re ready to begin looking for swimming pool builders in Vero Beach, FL. A quick search will pull up a number of contracting services and links to their websites. Don’t just scan them. Click through to each section of their page. Look for galleries of completed projects. Note how many years they’ve been in business and see if they have a section designated to customer testimonials.

Most custom pool contracting companies offer free estimates and will either have a downloadable pool buying guide or offer to send you one.


Once you’ve narrowed your selections down to a few pool contractors in Vero Beach, FL, take advantage of their free consultation offer to interview them. You may be invited to their offices where you can see and touch materials. Or, you might invite them to your home where they can see your space and do an on-site inspection. Regardless, arm yourself with a battery of questions you’ve written up ahead of time. Your first impression, combined with the quality of their answers, will tell you who the right builders are for your project.

Check References

Although you can see completed projects and testimonials on the website of the swimming pool builders in Vero Beach, FL, it’s worth inquiring which specific projects the builders assigned to you has worked on. You don’t want to have a brand-new hire show up at your home. You want an experienced builder who can navigate any issues they run into because of their former jobs.

Insurance Verification

Your custom swimming pool builder in Vero Beach, FL, should be able to provide a paper copy verifying their insurance. Ask for a “certificate of insurance,” as this document comes from an outside source that’s already vetted the company. You might also inquire if they’re affiliated with any associations, and for how long.


You have a budget, and you want to stick to it. Be sure the company bids the job and guarantees that you’ll never pay more than the bid. Ask about financing and how you can lock in the best rates over time.

You’ve spent years saving for and designing your dream pool. Be sure to put just as much effort into choosing the right custom pool builder in Vero Beach, FL.