Hidden & Unexpected Swimming Pool Costs During Construction

Building a swimming pool is a form of home renovation or improvement.  The biggest challenge of any renovation project is to adhere to the original budget. When building a swimming pool, it’s important to establish a vision as well as swimming pool costs.  However, be aware of other expenses big and small that can pop up along the way, potentially adding thousands of dollars to the new swimming pool. American Pools & Spas try to remain as upfront and comprehensive about swimming pool costs as possible, so we wanted to give you a closer look at some of the potential costs of adding a pool to your property.

Basic Swimming Pool Costs

We’ve discussed the essential factors that contribute to the cost to build a pool in our blog before, including the size and depth of the pool. We’ve also been open about the fact that adding upgrades to the pool will also update the final price. What we would like to add to the conversation now is the fact that some steps in the building process aren’t always included in the initial quote. You should always ask your pool contractor whether the following expenses are included:

  • Electrical Hookups. Some pool builders will include this in the original cost of the pool, but some consider it an added service.
  • Dirt Removal. Digging a hole big enough to accommodate a pool leaves you with a massive pile of dirt that must go somewhere. Always ask in advance who will do that job and what it’s going to cost you.
  • Retaining Walls. Is a retaining wall necessary for your backyard?  Some pool builders include this in the initial estimate, but you should always ask.
  • Fencing or Screening. Most insurance companies and city laws will require you to create a barrier that prevents children, animals and others in the neighborhood from falling in or otherwise harming themselves in your pool.  This item is not usually included in the price to build a swimming pool.  You’ll want to explore this option with your pool builder.

What Will Your Insurance Company Think?

You must notify your insurance company that you’re building a swimming pool. They’re most likely to respond by increasing your premium because they consider a pool an added liability. It’s best to call your insurance company ahead of time and find out how it will change your homeowner’s insurance policy and premiums.

Comfort, Décor & Essential Upkeep

Whether you hire a pool maintenance service or do the maintenance personally, you will have ongoing expenses that are required to keep the pool crystal clean. Also, you will likely want to buy chairs and tables to go around the pool. This expense can range from a few $20 lawn chairs or some comfortable outdoor furniture and large canopies that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. You should also think about landscaping expenses if you plan to add plants and other decorative features.

The Aftermath of Pool Installation

Prepare now to walk out your door and stare at your yard in amazement after your new swimming pool is built. As the heavy machinery roll out of your yard to get the job done, those big tires will have an adverse impact on your grass. While workers try their best to stay away from gardens and flower beds, you may find that they can’t get to some parts of your yard without going through a landscape feature. The result is the unexpected expense of putting your yard back together.

The best way to prevent unexpected expenses is to think about the entire project of renovating your property rather than focusing only on the basic cost of installing a pool. You may also want to explore some realistic ways to save money when adding a pool to your yard.

We realize this is a lot of information to ingest at one time.  If you would like a personal consultation, please visit our showroom or call us at 407-847-9322 and one of our design consultants can visit your home to give you a better idea of how to build your dream pool within your budget.