How Much Does It Cost To Build A Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure?

A swimming pooll enclosure is beneficial for preventing debris from collecting in or around the pool and reducing the need to clean it. When it’s time to sell a home, some types of pool screen enclosures can also add more appeal and resale value. Many people want a pool screen enclosure cost estimate before they proceed with making plans to have one built. In the Orlando area, the average swimming pool screen enclosure cost is between $6,000 and $8,000. However, these numbers can be lower or higher depending on the size of the deck, the style of enclosure, added features and the types of materials used to make the enclosure.

Swimming Pool Screen Enclosure Size

The average Orlando pool enclosure cost is based on a standard pool size for a deck that is 20 feet by 40 feet. If the deck size is smaller but simple and requires less surface area of building materials, the cost may be lower. Pools that require larger decks mean higher costs for enclosures. This is because more materials are needed for every square foot of space.

Swimming Pool Enclosure Building Materials

Choosing a type of swimming pool screen enclosure is an important step. The main types of enclosures are attached or detached pool enclosures. The majority of the time, the pool is close enough to the home so the pool enclosure is connected to your home. For a screened enclosure, wood, vinyl and aluminum may be used. American Screen Contractors only uses high quality aluminum which withstands the harsh Florida climate. Talk to an experienced screen enclosure contractor to determine the best options.

Pool Screen Enclosure Features

Some people may want a pool enclosure with added amenities. Special lighting features, electrical wiring, HVAC capabilities and a more ornamental style of roofing are common options. Any special features add to the cost of a screened pool enclosure. Basic attached or standalone enclosures for in-ground pools or above-ground pools are the cheapest options. However, people who plan to stay in their homes for several years and use their pools frequently may want a more personalized enclosure that has some extra features. When building a swimming pool screen enclosure, try to also consider how you will use your pool and home for years to come.

Since Florida has many complex building codes and regulations, it is important to hire a screen enclosure contractor with experience. A poorly-constructed enclosure may result in water damage to the structure or even the home itself if the enclosure is attached. The quality of the materials are also a factor. Consider enclosure size, materials and features when contacting a swimming pool screen enclosure contractor. Most screen enclosure companies will visit your home and take all the necessary measurements to provide you with an estimate. At that time, you can discuss your preferences and budget.

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