If you see an Ad for “We Build Cheap Pools” Run the Other Way

Since 1999, American Pools and Spas has had the privilege of helping homeowners build their dream backyard havens.  We have also been called too many times to count to help pool owners repair, rebuild or renovate poorly built pools.  We strongly caution you against accepting low price from builders of cheap pools. Your peace of mind, your home and your investment should be a priority when you undertake a major project like a pool build or renovation.

With Summer on its way, you’ll no doubt see ads like this one – “Start of Season Limited Time Offer! We Build Custom Swimming Pools For Lowest Price Possible!” – or even  – “We Build Cheap Pools!”  When you come across these ads you may be thinking, “Is this really possible?” While that offer may sound tempting, the reality is the soft housing and real estate market has created an aggressive market for pool builders.

Competitive pricing for both pool building and remodeling services are a reality now,, but rock bottom price deals have always been a high-risk ‘offer’ to get you to sign a contract to build an inferior pool, using low quality workmanship, poor materials and by a pool builder who may not be in business (or in town!) by the end of the year.

Let’s be honest here, many pool builders are struggling to keep their business’ afloat in this economy and consequently take shortcuts in the building process.  Some pool builders are using shoddy construction materials and unskilled workers to build that ‘lowest price possible’ pool.  These factors can spell major trouble and a long-term headache down the road for you and your family.

You should be aware that to build a pool at a low price, quality will be compromised and more often than not, the installed pool equipment may not be comparable. The cost of the pool may be cheap, but your time and money spent to up keep the pool could be 4 to 5 times more if the pool was not built right to begin with.  Additionally, pay close attention to the quality of materials as well as what’s truly included in a quote. Remember the old adage “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.”

What You Need To Know About The “Cheap” Quote

When making first contact with a pool builder, the initial consultation should include a thoughtful discussion about:

  • your home
  • backyard space
  • the type of pool you’re interested in building and related details
  • general time frame
  • budget for the project.

If the pool builder representative (or builder-owner) rushes through or altogether skips these important preliminary questions to get you talking about low price or an immediate quote, that’s your caution sign for buyer beware!

According to top review directories, a highly respected online business/service review directory, poor communication, low quality  workmanship and overall bad customer service top the list of complaints about pool construction and pool maintenance providers, with nearly 1,300 negative reviews submitted nationally in the past year. Don’t assume the low price quote is due to a competitive market or bad economy. That low price will come at a high-cost over the lifetime of a poorly built pool.

You’re Paying For Quality & You Get What You Pay For

water bowlsIt’s no secret that building a pool or a major renovation on an existing pool is a large investment. That’s why some pool builders use price as the bait for a risky deal – and far too many homeowners are often tempted to go with the  least expensive option. Remember, when a troubled builder is selling at; or below; actual cost, they are trying to maintain a cash flow to cover payroll, suppliers and sub-contractors. They are not offering a low price to benefit you the homeowner or your home.

We’ve built and renovated thousands of pools for Central Florida homeowners like you and we’re proud to say we’re rated A+ and members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. American Pools and Spas is also rated one of the Top 50 pool builders in the nation.  We’ve earned those ratings for a reason – we consistently offer superior quality across the board: customer service, construction materials, pool building construction, quality workmanship and highly-skilled construction teams.

As we’ve mentioned in another post, How Much Does It Cost to Build a Pool? the exact cost of building a pool depends on a number of factors including location, size, type and amenities, but typically starts at around $33,000.

We know that we’re not the cheapest pool company in Central Florida, but we’re not willing to compromise the quality of our workmanship or materials to beat every ad that suddenly appears on the market. We didn’t build a trustworthy reputation with our customers and in the local business community by cutting corners or building low-quality pools.  That’s just not how we conduct business and that’s why American Pools and Spas is a name and pool builder you can trust.

How To Avoid Costly Surprises

To help you make the best decision possible when it comes to selecting a pool builder or pool remodeling company, keep these guidelines in mind to avoid costly surprises:

  • Find a reputable company, which means you’ll have to do some research on a few companies and pool builders in your area.
  • Verify licensing and insurance.
  • Ask to see pictures of the contractor’s finished pool projects.
  • Visit their showroom and facility to gain the comfort of what they can do for you.
  • Ask for testimonials from past clients.
  • Pool companies or builders that require a large upfront deposit before beginning construction should also be avoided. If a company or builder is in trouble; they may need these large payments to continue working on pools already previously sold…and that means your money is paying for someone else’s pool!
  • Make sure your contract includes all the details of the pool building process. All details and each phase of the building or renovation project, including cost and payments arrangements. If you’re asked to pay the total amount in full before the completion of the project, beware of what else may be hidden in the contract.
  • Make sure you understand everything that is in writing. The contract is an agreement between you and the company or builder, so if you don’t agree with what’s in the contract, don’t sign it.
  • Better yet, see your backyard pool design BEFORE you sign on the dotted line.  American Pools & Spas offers 3D designs of your pool so you can visualize your dream backyard.

By following these guidelines you’ll be able to start your new pool project with peace of mind, knowing  you’ll be building the pool of your dreams without the worry of poor quality, poor workmanship or being stuck in a bad contract with a dishonest contractor.

We’ve won a loyal following of clients in the community because of our commitment to quality. That commitment and experience, combined with the skills and resources of the leading company in the market, give our customers confidence they will receive a well- designed, beautifully constructed pool that they can enjoy for years to come.

After all, isn’t that what you want too?

If you have additional questions about building your dream pool, check out our FAQ When Building  a Pool.

If you’re ready to talk to our pool design consultants, you can witness first hand our professionalism and creativity to build your dream backyard.