In-Floor Cleaning and Circulation System

There are many options for cleaning a swimming pool, but none are as good as an in-floor cleaning and recirculation system. An in-floor system is an engineered piping diagram made just for your pool specifically to clean, heat and circulate your pool from the bottom up.

It consists of pop up heads that rotate to push the debris towards the drains in the pool to be sucked up and caught in the filter system. The pop up heads are put in the bottom of your pool and are on different zones. The shallow end heads pop up first rotating towards the heads in the deep end which rotate towards the main drains and continue this pattern of cleaning, heating and circulating. Another significant advantage to having a in-floor system is when you heat your pool. The heat is coming from the bottom up which in return heats your pool 50% more efficiently then the normal surface returns. The initial cost of a in-floor system is more then any traditional pool cleaner however the advantages are greater. With a in-floor cleaning system you should expect to pay anywhere from $2500 to $5000 depending on pool size and the number of heads needed to clean, heat and circulate your water.