Innovative Pool Deck Designs

Whether you’re updating your pool deck, or working on the plans for a new install, the options for using pool brick pavers in Vero Beach, FL, are almost endless. Here are ideas for innovative ways to use pavers to create the look you want for your pool deck.

Goodbye Boring!

It used to be that pool decks were all made from the same boring concrete. You added a few chairs and maybe a table, and that was your deck. Those days are gone. Today, you have options! Whatever your style or budget may be, you won’t have any problem finding pool pavers that make your outdoor space both unique and inviting. Pavers are available in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. Use your creativity to create a deck that accents the pool’s shape and your design style. Did you know pavers can be used to build raised walls, seating, and even planters to enhance the pool deck?

Are There Benefits to Using Concrete Pool Pavers?

Yes! Concrete pavers are durable and slip resistant. Traction on a pool deck is a safety essential. Concrete pavers provide excellent traction meaning less chance of someone falling on the deck. The joints of the pavers tend to absorb water, making the concrete cool on the feet. Another benefit to pavers is their resistance to salt, which is especially important for pool owners in Vero Beach, FL. Pavers don’t change color due to chlorine exposure either. As if these benefits aren’t enough, pavers resist algae growth. Are you convinced that concrete pavers are an excellent material for your pool deck?

Earthy Elements

Look for pavers with a rough texture that resembles natural stone. The texture comes close to being therapeutic on bare feet, almost like a pumice stone. Choose an earthy shade and introduce other elements that bring to mind the earth such as wicker furniture, stone décor, and plants and trees. Take the earth elements one step further and make the liner so that it looks like a natural spring.

Create Paradise

If you vary the size, shape, and colors of your pavers you get an elegant look. Add lighting and custom water features, and you end up with a true backyard paradise. You might even go so far as to compare your pool deck to something that might have been found in the Atlantis.

Go Custom

If you want a look like no one else in the neighborhood, go all out and have your pool deck custom designed by someone who specializes in working with pool deck pavers in Vero Beach, FL. The benefit to working with a designer is that they know the materials and how to put things together in a way that works with the shape of your pool and the design of your outdoor living space. What about a sunken area that’s part of the pool? Go one step further and include paver steps and a fire pit. When you add a few pillars and seating constructed of the same concrete pavers, you’ve created a unique backyard oasis. You’ll have friends dropping by just to admire the pool deck. You did say you wanted to get rid of boring.