Is It Time To Renovate Your Swimming Pool or Spa

If your pool or spa is more than 23 years old, it may be time for a renovation or makeover!

There have been so many new innovations with regard to energy-efficiency and improved maintenance systems over the last few years. Consider these facts:

  • Switching to an variable-speed pool pump can reduce pool-related energy costs by approximately 75% a year
  • Mineral purifiers or salt chlorinators maintain better chemistry meaning less maintenance and chemical products to buy
  • Heat pumps heat inground pools for half the cost of gas heaters

No matter which type of pool or spa you currently have, some renovations are common to them all.

Renovation for your pool or spa may include:

  • structural damage to the pool
  • stains
  • broken or chipped tiles
  • cracking and dull paint
  • a pool shape that is outdated.

Not every renovation requires a major transformation. Some jobs can be as simple as replacing a liner, repairing a water feature or replacing a worn-out pump with an energy-efficient model.

4 Reasons To Renovate Your Pool or Spa

1. Mechanical & Piping Problems:

Typically we hear from customers who are in need of repairing or replacing the mechanics for their pool or spa. Updating or upgrading the circulation piping and mechanical systems can be the solution to your maintenance and energy cost concerns. Our skilled staff are trained in all forms of mechanical systems technology and maintenance protocols. By improving your water and mechanic system, your pool or spa will operate in the most efficient, cost effective manner possible. Through renovation, we install everything from proper pipe sizing to variable speed pumps to heat pumps, chemical automation systems and/or salt water systems.

2. Pool Pumps & Motors:

If the pump motor is older than 10 years, American Pools & Spas recommends that you replace the unit. Today’s in-ground pool pumps are much quieter, less obtrusive and energy-efficient than older models. Price range for a new pump motors go from $400 to $2,000, and we can help you select the best model for your pool size and type. Many of the newer pumps have variable speed controls and vacuum release systems. While these models are expensive, they are almost 50 times more efficient than the older models. This will result in big savings to you over the life of the pump and pool operation.

3. Inground Pool Upgrades:

Even when renovations due to repairs are not required, you might want to upgrade an older pool to make it function and look its best. Popular renovation upgrades in Florida include:

    • Water Features, Spas and Special Lighting
    • Pool Heater To Extend Pool Swimming Season
    • Computerized Automation Systems
    • Built-In Automatic Pool Covers
    • Robotic Cleaners and Filtration Systems

4. Pool Renovation For Beautification:

What if your swimming pool just looks a little “tired” or out-of-date? Thanks to improvements in technology and materials, new remodeling options to beautify your pool and spa include:

    • Natural Stone Or Custom Acrylic Pavers and Decking
    • Water Arches, Fountains, Bubblers, Aerators
    • Tanning Ledges and Beach Entries
    • Fiber Optic & LED Lighting In or Around The Pool
    • Built-In Tables, Underwater Seating
    • Mosaics, Pebble and Tile Finishes
    • Fire Bowls and Fire Pits

When it comes time to update or renovate your swimming pool, American Pools & Spas has the years of experience to make the pool of your dreams a reality! Our renovations team has the expert workmanship, professional skills and industry certifications to transform your existing swimming pool or spa into the backyard oasis you deserve.

Whether the swimming pool is a residential or commercial type, American Pools & Spas can provide renovation solutions for every aspect of the process. We help you with the project from design, to material selection, to equipment upgrades that are more energy efficient and best of all, saves you money. For a one-on-one consultation for your Inground Pool Renovations, please contacts us or call our office at (407) 847-9322.