Luxury Trends in Swimming Pool Designs: They are More Affordable Than You Think

Water calms us and encourages creativity while providing a place to relax and maybe exercise. Swimming pools provide the ideal opportunity to create your own personal backyard oasis. But we know you don’t want just a typical swimming pool.  You’re looking to add some flare to your new backyard living space.  Before taking the plunge, check out these luxury trends in swimming pool designs. You might find the features that will take your new pool from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

An Edgy Approach
The most popular swimming pool designs don’t keep it between the lines. Instead, they feature edges that blur the distinction between the pool and its surroundings. The infinity edge produces a seamless view of water and sky that brings a sense of spaciousness. For those who love the look and sound of moving water, a perimeter overflow pool is an impeccable choice. With these cleverly designed pools, the water overflows the boundaries of the pool, transforming the pool into a massive fountain. The water is captured and returned to the pool in an endless cycle that delights the senses.

Sensual Surfaces
Why settle for the harsh blandness of a concrete pool bottom when glass and stone tiles are so much more appealing? Glass tiles have a reflective quality that mingles with the water and light around the pool to produce a breathtaking look that is sleek and sophisticated. Stone tiles are deliciously smooth underfoot and bring natural colors and textures that delight the eye. Either of these tiles can be used throughout the pool or as an accent to create a spa-like feel full of colors, patterns and sensual beauty.

Stylish Pool Surrounds
When it comes to creating the truly fantastic swimming pool designs, it’s smart to think outside the pool. The pool deck that encircles your swimming pool contributes to the atmosphere of the area, so creating a quality pool patio can enhance the entire space. Pool pavers come in a variety of colors and shapes, and they can be laid in practically any pattern, so you are sure to find patio pavers that suit your vision for your pool area. As a bonus, pavers can improve traction around the pool. They protect swimmers and those who simply wish to lounge beside the pool by helping to prevent dangerous slips and falls.

Outdoor Living Integration
Instead of compartmentalizing their backyards with designated areas for specific activities, a growing number of homeowners are taking a new approach to the design of their outdoor living spaces. Integrating the various features of the outdoor living space lets homeowners savor the beauty of their own backyard. Can you imagine relaxing in the shade of a gorgeous pergola while your children frolic in the pool and a gentle breeze carries the scent of the delicious meal cooking in your outdoor kitchen? Yes, that is possible.

As you can tell, fantastic swimming pool designs include more than just the pool..  If you’re ready to turn your backyard fantasies into reality, then it’s time to contact American Pools & Spas. With years of experience in designing and constructing idyllic backyards, we have the resources to help you create the perfect outdoor living space. To request a free estimate, contact us online or call 407-847-9322 today.