Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing Pool Enclosure Designs

When considering pool screen enclosures or glass pool enclosures, there are a lot of options available to you. However, when considering your different options, it’s important to avoid making one of these mistakes in your pool enclosure design.

Using Cost as the Only Factor

When considering a pool screen enclosure, one of the first mistakes you can make is using cost as the only factor you consider. Often, the adage, “you get what you pay for” is true, especially when it comes to outdoor structures that are exposed to the elements. Going with the lowest bid for your pool enclosure may save you money in the beginning, but you may find that it ends up being more costly in the long run. You may have to have it repaired or replaced a lot sooner than you would have otherwise. Some contractors aren’t honest about the claims on their enclosures, especially when coming in way below others in their bid. It’s important to find out why they can come in so low.

Using an Inexperienced Contractor

Another design mistake that you’ll want to avoid is using an inexperienced contractor. You want a contractor that’s designed many pool enclosures and can use their expertise to help you get the best enclosure for your needs. An experienced contractor is more likely to help you with a design that you’ll love for years to come.

Ignoring the Purpose of the Enclosure

Creating a design without considering the reason behind why you wanted the enclosure is another big mistake. You’ll regret having your pool enclosure put up if you’re unable to do what you originally wanted the enclosure to do. You’ll want to make sure your final design idea gives you the protection and functionality that you want.

Wrong Construction Materials

Another potential pitfall that you can end up in is choosing the wrong construction materials. Often, if you find an experienced company to help you with the design and installation of your pool enclosure, you can avoid this issue. You’ll want to use good quality materials that will last rather than opting for cheaper substitutes.

Not Getting a Warranty

A final problem that can come up is not getting a warranty or guarantee of some kind. Even good quality materials and structures can run into problems. A warranty can help give you peace of mind now and down the road. You want to understand the terms of the warranty in what it covers and doesn’t along with how long the coverage will last.

Considering pool enclosure companies Vero Beach, FL, to get started with enclosing your backyard pool? American Pools and Spas has got you and your pool covered. Contact us today to learn about the different options you have available for custom pool enclosures. Avoiding these potential design problems can keep you happy with your pool for years to come.