There's no doubt about it: being able to take a swim year-round is one of the best things about living in Florida. When you've got your own pool, it's even better. However, not every home has its own pool, and of the ones that do, some have a pool that simply doesn't meet their needs.
How you choose to landscape and construct the area immediately surrounding your pool will make a big difference between a nice pool and a gorgeous pool. Considering how important your pool is to the look of your home, it's strange that a lot of homeowners don't put nearly enough thought into the deck. Before you consult with pool builders in Vero Beach, FL, here are some pool paver designs you might want to consider.
Homeowners love their swimming pools. Pools are a great way to cool off when it's hot, and they're a fantastic addition to a backyard barbecue. Whether you enjoy swimming laps, diving, or lounging, a pool is a highly-appreciated part of many yards. Of course, with a pool comes the concern for privacy. People often debate whether it's better to use a screen or a fence, and there are pros and cons to each choice.
An outdoor kitchen is an underrated home feature. Once you own an extensive outdoor kitchen, you'll understand what a necessity it really is, a vast upgrade from the dull and limited backyard barbecue pit. Of course, the only way to truly experience the potential of your very own custom outdoor kitchen is to give it the features it needs to suit all of your cooking and entertaining desires. If you need a good outdoor kitchen designs idea in Orlando, FL, read this guide to the absolute must-have appliances. Outdoor kitchen contractors recommend these features for a kitchen with unlimited possibilities.
There is a growing discussion regarding the In-Floor pool cleaner and the more traditional suction-style pool cleaner. While both are extremely effective at cleaning a pool, the debate focuses on ease of use as well as effectiveness. What you choose in swimming pool cleaners in Orlando, FL, largely depends on what you already have and are planning and want in terms of cleaning options. Here are some details.
Pool design is a crucial aspect of pool installation. Whether you’re installing a simple pool or have an intricate design that includes waterfalls and rock formations, you need to determine an appropriate pool height. At American Pools and Spas, we work with homeowners to figure out the best pool height for their needs. Check out these quick tips for choosing pool height:
One way that is guaranteed to liven up your outdoor space is to install an outdoor kitchen. This kind of project is unique in that there are so many different directions you can go with designs. There are so many opportunities that some even get overwhelmed. Instead, why don't you just take a breather and consider some of these great outdoor kitchen design ideas:
Do you spend a lot of time on your outdoor patio when the weather is warm? Have you ever thought about being able to use that space for three, or even four seasons? Patio screen enclosures can be installed above a deck or over existing concrete patio pavers. There are custom patio enclosures in Vero Beach, FL, that can be used year-round. No matter the temperature outdoors, this custom enclosure can be air conditioned for hot summer temperatures, and also have window screens to enjoy the ocean breezes on cooler days. 
You want to burn calories to get rid of a few pounds. You don't have to go to a gym or hop on your treadmill. You can just jump in a pool or step into a spa.
LED lights are growing in popularity in many indoor and outdoor lights. These bulbs, which use light-emitting diodes, are the result of recent technological advances that allow scientists to make sturdier bulbs that are much smaller in size and switch faster than traditional bulbs. For this reason, they're often used for traffic signals, camera flashes, and other situations that require reliable lighting. There are also a few reasons why you might want to include them in your custom pool and spa design in Vero Beach, FL, when you’re deciding how you want to light your pool for nighttime swimming.
If you want a pool with a little something extra, there are a lot of avenues you can take, such as altering the patio or landscape around the pool. One of the most popular options is to get a spa into the picture. When used correctly, a spa is a great way to reduce your stress, help you sleep better at night, improve your circulation, and relieve some of the aches and pains of the day. Pool and spa builders in Orlando, FL, can help you find the right spa for your yard, and there are plenty to choose from when it comes to design and construction. Spas can be made of many materials like concrete, fiberglass, and tile. There are also several design options, and here are some of the most popular.
If you’re having a pool installed this season, you want something that’s both practical and beautiful. Concrete pool builders in Orlando, FL, have a lot of options for you, but before you stop by, take some time to think about what you want first and look at some of the hottest trends for the coolest pools of 2018.
It's not a mystery that adding a pool or spa to your property is guaranteed to give your home added value and fun. However, constructing a pool is no easy task. Even knowing where to start can be tough. That's why you need to know what you're looking for from the beginning, starting with the pool's layout. Here's a straightforward guide to choose the perfect pool layout for your needs.
As a rule, pools take a lot of energy to maintain during the summer. You’re filling it up and keeping it full, and on top of that, you have to keep it clean. If you have a heated pool or a pool with lights, there is some additional energy required for those features. As you’re getting ready to install your pool and set up your pool area with the help of natural stone pool pavers in Vero Beach, FL, it helps to plan so the pool itself is as efficient as possible.
Installing pool pavers with swimming pool builders in Orlando, FL, is a fantastic way to make your pool area stand out. No matter what your current landscaping or decor looks like, there's a pool paver that will work for you. Pavers come in several different materials such as concrete, brick, natural stone, and more. Each material has a unique and varied subset of stunning designs and colors. However, if you have children or elderly family who frequently enjoy your pool, your number one concern just may be safety. Won't such sleek and glistening material in your pool area create a slipping hazard for your loved ones?
Though your pool may be the focus of your backyard, a stunning concrete pool deck can make your pool area even more amazing. Consider your pool deck as the staging area for time outside, where simple changes can transform your swimming experience by offering a comfortable place to soak in the sun. Treat your pool deck as well as you’d treat your pool, with repairs and upgrades. Check out these ways to enhance your pool deck to make it look stunning to your family and guests.
Deciding to install a pool is an easy decision, but what size should your pool be? The answer isn’t as complicated as you think. All you have to do is answer five simple questions.