Outdoor Kitchen Cost: They’re More Affordable Than You Think

How much does an outdoor kitchen cost?  It really depends on the features you select. Some outdoor kitchens are very affordable. In fact, basic backyard outdoor kitchens with modern appliances and abundant prep and storage space cost about the same price as a new 60-inch high-definition television. Of course, the price of outdoor kitchens vary greatly depending on which appliances you choose and the design of the overall kitchen area.

On average, the total cost for a backyard kitchen is about $3,000 but can go as high as $15,000 or $30,000 in some cases. Your budget plays an important part in deciding how much you can spend for your dream outdoor kitchen.

Detemining your outdoor kitchen cost includes:

  • Materials used – such as appliances and counter tops
  • Style of storage space and seating space
  • Existing space – either using the space you already have or whether you want to expand the patio to accommodate a larger kitchen.

Note: You’re not only spending money on the grill but also the countertops, the plumbing and electrical services, seating and other features.

Choosing Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

When listing all the features you want in your new outdoor kitchen, the appliances are a big part of the outdoor kitchen cost. When choosing the appliances, it’s easy to blow your budget on a top-of-the-line grill. Instead, weigh your choices carefully, as opting for a luxury grill may look out of place if you choose average counter tops. We carry a full line of Bull Grills.

Don’t forget to add side burners to your grill layout, a sink and a refrigerator for the maximum cooking and serving experience. However, if your budget does not allow for separate outdoor sink and refrigerator; you can always relocate your outdoor kitchen near your interior kitchen if you want to save money and move easily between the two.

The Best Outdoor Kitchen Designs for Patios

Not all existing backyard decks and patios can accommodate large outdoor kitchens, but you can still enjoy cooking and dining outdoors with the right design. Depending on the size of your backyard, you can choose a standalone grill to save space and money. You can even opt for an affordable drop-in grill for a more sophisticated look. Then over time, you can have the counters and storage areas specially designed to fit the space.

Another way to reduce the overall outdoor kitchen cost is to design your outdoor kitchen close to your house. A perimeter kitchen is just off the house and provides convenient access to water and electrical utilities. A satellite kitchen, which is located farther out on the landscape, costs more since you have to pay to run utilities to the area.

Note: Don’t forget to factor in the materials used in the framework, such as stucco, brick, natural stone and granite into the overall outdoor kitchen cost.

Whether you have a small or large patio, outdoor kitchens can transform an average area into a functional, beautiful space for cooking and gathering. Though materials, appliances, utilities and overhead affect the total cost, you can still get a luxurious yet affordable outdoor kitchen that fits your budget and needs.